Different Types Of Pumps Commonly Used In Water Treatment Plants

Water pumps in Australia are essential in water treatment plants. Water treatment plants are important for communities. It is therefore important to ensure that the plants operate at maximum efficiency with no unexpected downtime. This can provide added protection for the environment and the best solutions for large cities and small towns alike. Good companies offering industrial pump services can provide and maintain replacement parts for wastewater treatment systems to make sure that industrial pumps function properly. Some of the most common types of pumps used in water treatment plants include the following:

Positive displacement pumps
These types of pumps are designed to enclose and force out a specific amount of fluid into the discharge pipe. The pumps come in a range of configurations such as diaphragm pumps, gear pumps and lobe pumps. Diaphragm pumps use hydraulic fluid or air in a pressurized environment to force water to move in a specific direction through the treatment plant when the diaphragm of the pump is open and to stop the flow when the diaphragm of the pump is closed.

Lobe pumps offer high-quality control over the fluid flow and work by pushing water in a controlled way in one direction. Gear pumps have turning gears that displace fluid by creating suction to take in the water on one side of the pump and get rid of the water from the other side of the pump. You can ensure the longevity of your system by ensuring that positive displacement water pumps in Australia are maintained and serviced.

Dynamic displacement pumps
Two of the most common types of dynamic displacement pumps include submersible and centrifugal pumps. Submersible pumps are used to assist in draining water and other fluids in wastewater treatment plants. Submersible pumps are placed directly in the slurry or water to provide added pumping power to remove fluids from an area.
Centrifugal pumps force wastewater out of the pump by spinning at high speeds. The wastewater is then forced into the discharge pipes or other areas within the facility. These types of pumps are simple and easy to operate and maintain.

Centrifugal pumps
These types of pumps use centrifugal force to create enough velocity to displace the fluid through the system. These types of pumps come with rotating impellers that look like a mechanical fan. It has a large outlet and a small intake. Centrifugal pumps have a straightforward and simple design that makes it practical to operate. The pump has durable moving parts that enhance durability. Centrifugal pumps require minimal maintenance.

The role of pumps
Pumps have an important role in a wastewater treatment plant. They are used to remove wastewater from the collection pit and pump it to the treatment plant and back into the facility. Ultimately, the type of water pumps Australia you choose for your plant depend on several factors. You should ensure that you choose a pump that can withstand corrosion and abrasion caused by wastewater or slurry. Also, the pumps you choose should be able to handle large volumes of water.

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