Common Mistakes People Make During Car Scratch Repair

When your car gets scratched in Sydney Australia, the best person to call is a mobile scratch repair near you professional because s/he will come to your location and repair the car within the shortest time possible. However, if you don’t choose the right specialist, or if you are not keen, you can end up making the following mistakes.

Using car paint
One important fact about car paint is that it is only about 10% to 12% solid. This means that it is very difficult to achieve a build-up that is level with the car’s original paintwork. To get a build-up, you will need at least 20 layers of the paint. Car paint does not have a strong bond so it can easily fail. In short, car paint is not suitable for car scratch and chips repair.

Looking at the repair afterwards
After a mobile scratch repair specialist in Sydney Australia has fixed your car, you should avoid looking at the repair closely afterwards. If you look at the repair too closely, you will notice it. Most professional scratch repair specialists will look at the car a metre away. You can never repair your car to perfection so don’t get bothered by looking at it too closely.

Failing to assess the size of the damage
Scratch repair or car touch-up products won’t be enough to repair your car if the damage is too large. No matter how much filler you use, you will not get the finish you want. The best way to fix large damage is to use traditional refinishing technology and do full spraying.

Trying to get the perfect colour
Another mistake you can make when you call a mobile scratch repair near you is to force them to get the exact colour match. Colours vary so you will waste a lot of time trying to find the exact match for your car. Professional specialists know how to mix colours to get the exact colour for your car.

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