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Animation Studios offer services to generate animated content for their clients. The history of animation goes back to the early 20th century. Ever since it entered the lives of people, animation has been a tremendous social & commercial influence. The initial era majorly concentrated on animation creation dedicated to kids. However, we can safely say it has deeply penetrated in all the dimensions of a socio-geographical sphere. Contemporary animation is being used for a vast range of purposes. Animation can prove to be a potent tool to explain an intricate concept in a compelling & engaging manner. One can easily find the best in a market animation studio in Delhi for serving any requisite.

Potential Uses of Animation

Use of animation is widely spread in many spheres of life. People use animation for various objectives. At times animation was used as a standalone product like an animated series or a movie. On the other hand, animation can also be used as an adornment to the overall theme, such as a title track background of a movie. It can be used anywhere and in any manner, but it always enhances the appeal for the viewers.

These are some of the most popular uses of animation:

·         Animated Characters
·         Animated web graphics
·         Visual commercials
·         Films
·         Educational Content Adornment
·         Gaming
·         Logos
·         Musical Videos
·         Title Sequence

Trending Animation Techniques

This amazing art of depicting a series using images is an ancient one, indeed. However, with the onset of science & technology, the domain of animation has witnessed splendid advancements. Telling stories or making a boring educational video can be done in a greater fascinating way. Let us have a quick tour of the latest trending animation techniques:

ü 3D Appearance to a Vintage Character/concept

The charm of vintage character or concept in gorgeous amalgamation with the latest 3D technology can create wonders. This particular innovation is trending in the contemporary market across the globe.

ü High Contrast Cell Animation

Since the last few years, this animation trend is on the rise. Several leading companies such as Disney, Nike Nickelodeon & etc. are using cell-like look for the animations. Using vibrant colors in this segment is the key.

ü 2D in combination with 3D

It’s an astonishing technique where 3D objects are appearing like 2D ones. It works well in grabbing the viewer’s attention & illustrating elements. 

ü Hyper-Surrealism

This technique uses CGI imaginary for creating photorealistic animations. Viewers can see such work in commercials of vehicles where they are driving in outlandish locations.

An EndNote

Using animations can instantly uplift the effectiveness & attractiveness of any content. The field of computer-aided animation is making headway with leaps & bounds. Numerous advance applications are available & also in the development stage to harness the technical accuracy of animation outcome. One can always connect with a well-established animation studio & explore various advance as well as traditionally acclaimed techniques for getting an animation to go well with their requirement. 
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