5 Top Tips For Avoiding Orthopedic Injuries This Coming Summer And Beyond

More people are affected by orthopedic injuries during the summer season, says an expert physical therapist in Huntingdon Valley Pa. Though summer is a season of excitement, fun, and lots of opportunities for spending quality time with friends and family, several among the nearly 6.8 million orthopedic injuries that happen around the US yearly are reported during the season. To avoid these injuries that could spoil your summer fun, this article offers 5 tips to help you remain healthy and maximize the season.

1. Regular exercise
Via constant strength and endurance training activities, you can effectively decrease the probability of an orthopedic injury. This is as your joints and muscles become better prepared to deal with the effects of high-impact activities. Also, stretching is another major joint-safety factor because it enhances better blood flow to your muscles, which enables them to discard waste products like lactic acid and absorb nutrients, and also boosts flexibility.

2. Balanced diet
Though the correct diet is only a component of general injury prevention plans, it features a crucial role in helping the body to endure varying strenuous activities. As calcium is crucial to the contraction of muscles, the body takes calcium from the bones if it doesn’t get enough via diet, bringing about weakened bones and leaving your body a lot more susceptible to injuries. It also crucial to consume a fair amount of dietary fats because they are fundamental to hormones, energy production, as well as the absorption of nutrients adds the expert physical therapist in Huntingdon Valley PA.

3. Safety should be a priority
As summer months offer lots of opportunities for exceptional outdoor activities, consequently, there’s a greater risk of being injured that correlates with intensity of activities. This doesn’t mean that high-intensity activities should be totally avoided, but that you must always adhere to basic safety precautions. Famous summer activities that feature the greatest injury risks include surfing, bungee-jumping, and hiking. Even though injuries can’t be avoided always, you must always remain aware of the correct precautions and safest techniques when having fun during summer.

4. Reliable footwear
Though it’s frequently overlooked, footwear features a significant impact on the likelihood of injury. By wearing shoes that are unsuited to a specific activity, you can steadily injure varying body parts like the femur, back, knee, and shinbone. When joints and bones aren’t rightly cushioned to absorb shocks of high-intensity activities, small fractures can form, which could then easily end in more significant injuries.

5. Swim when possible
While swimming is certainly among the most cherished global summer activities, it also features many benefits, particularly when it concerns orthopedic health. As it’s a low-impact activity, swimming enhances the range of motion and joint flexibility with decreased probability of injuries. It’s also a perfect means of beating the heat of the summer season. By performing low-impact activities such as swimming, you effectively decrease your probability of sustaining orthopedic injuries.

The expert physical therapist Huntingdon Valley in Pennsylvania who was quoted in this article is devoted to making sure that you make the most of the summer. With training and therapy services, together with an all-round injury-prevention program, these experts address all of your needs.

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