Want to Ace the Quantitative Aptitude Section in the Examination? Read the Tips

Every type of competitive examinations and other entrance tests like GMAT, CAT or GRE has one compulsory quantitative aptitude section. If you want to get a good score then you need to score well in this aptitude part. Quantitative aptitude is used to test the logical and analytical abilities of the examinee. Quantitive aptitude may seem difficult and lengthy but with right tips and strategy, anyone can become a master in it. Here are some tips that you can follow if you want to ace your quant knowledge

·         Divide and categorize all topics

Yes, quantitive aptitude has many subtopics. Each examination has a different question pattern. Hence, some topics in quantitive aptitude are important than the other. Since quantitative aptitude is a vast subject, categorizing and marking the important chapters will make your study easier. It will help you to study smart and give less time and labor. After making a list of important chapters you can make a different list for difficult and easy chapters.

·         Understand your strength and weaknesses

You need to understand your strength and weaknesses. You have certain chapters in quant that you solve like a pro. Then some chapters seem a little bit difficult for you. Alternatively, take a sample question paper of the examination you are giving, some quant questions will be easy and some hard. Make a list of them. You need to prepare according to the list. This process is extremely helpful in GMAT, CAT, GRE quant practice.

·          Keep a journal of your progress

As you have read before, making a list of important subjects, easy and hard chapters are extremely beneficial. Also, try to maintain a notes journal with solving techniques of the types of problems. This will help you in revision.

·         A smart study plan is extremely important for success

You need to prepare smartly. Give a little bit extra time for harder chapters and give importance to your strengths. Besides that maintain a study plan. Make the plan after thinking carefully. Distribute your time wisely. GRE quant practice with a curated study plan always works.

·          Success comes through practice

Practise helps you to become successful. This is very much important in the case of quantitive aptitude. Regular practice will make you able to understand the questions easily in a few seconds. Besides, you will be more comfortable in solving problems with regular practice. 

·         Consistency is the key

You need to try to stick to your routine. It will help you to study properly. Not maintaining a routine can hamper your preparation.

·         Mock tests are great for your preparation

You can determine your preparation level and knowledge with a mock test. Hence, give mock tests regularly. You can easily buy mock test samples from a nearby book store or online.

Quantitative aptitude may seem difficult at first glance but you can master this subject with practice and patience. Daily practice and a thoughtful study plan can help you to achieve a good score in any examination.
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