What You Need To Know About Dental Negligence Claims

Dental negligence varies in different situations where you can file for a compensation claim. Should you or anyone you know ever experienced any of the dental negligence below, then you may be able to file for dental negligence claims.

       Delayed diagnosis - since it is important for a dentist to identify problems as soon as possible,  having them delay the treatment and make the problem worse may result in dental negligence.
       Incorrect/careless treatment to the patient - you may file a compensation claim if, for instance, the wrong tooth was remover or the use of excessive force made the injury to happen.
       Misdiagnosis - having an incorrect diagnosis by a dentist to its client may result in unnecessary treatments and more complications.
       Poor quality of treatment - you may file a claim for dental negligence if your dentist or orthodontist happened to carry the poor quality of the treatment resulting in further injury.

Types of dental negligence claims and injuries

Even though your dentist carries out most of your dental work, there are still injuries or accidents that may happen when you are being treated by orthodontists, hygienists, dental nurses, dental therapists, or anyone who works in the dental field that gives you treatment or advice. Listed below are some common examples of complications caused by the poor quality of dental care or dental negligence.

       Negligent root canal treatment - This treatment is very common in treating tooth decay, a leaky filling, or an infection caused by a damaged tooth. In most cases, the treatment may go off well but dental negligence may cause further complications such as fractured teeth, dental instrument residue, and failure to remove all the infected bacteria before attaching the crown.
       Incorrect fitting of a crown or bridges - Crowns and bridges are being placed to cover a damaged tooth to provide extra strength and protection and fill gaps where teeth are missing. While these items are not fitted where they should get placed, these can cause discomfort or not last as long as they should.
       Mistakes during oral surgery - This occurs when you were being injured and were not warned about the risk of the surgery since they should notify you of the risks of the oral surgery beforehand so you will be able to decide whether you would like to go ahead with the treatment.

Why should you make a dental negligence claim?

The professional or anyone who is an expert in the field of dental treatment is in a position of trust, so when they are unable to meet that certain height of trust and your situation becomes worse through inaction or by mistake, then you may have the ground for a dental negligence claim. Negligence caused by dental professional results to pain and may leave you unable to carry on with your daily responsibilities. Each dental professionals have a legal duty of care wherein it is their obligation to keep you safe and make sure that they take reasonable care to avoid you from any harm that any treatment may cause.

Should you experience any negligence, then a dental negligence specialist may help you recover and have a negligence claim give you the financial support you will need for your recovery and help you get the apology you deserve from your dentist.

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