Promote your vacation rental business by Employing Airbnb Clone Script

For business people interested in vacation rental solutions Airbnb clone script can be helpful. With Airbnb clone script, business people can develop their online vacation rentals scripts. The Airbnb clone is mandatory to be prominent in the online market place so that people can search, find and rent any vacation home with a nominal processing fee. Airbnb script can be developed for iOS as well as android. People believe that Airbnb is a trusted community for visitors to discover, book outstanding accommodation across the globe.

Features of Airbnb scripts

There are ample beneficial features in Airbnb script that makes rental accommodation easier for people.

Admin and providers dashboard: A powerful the dashboard is what makes Airbnb script a user-friendly one. The service providers and admins can find are easy to control the functionalities of the app easily with the dashboard.

Verification: The Airbnb clone scripts are developed with utmost security parameters. Strong verification is made with the users with the dual verification process. The accounts of the users are verified utilizing phone number and email.

Search and filter operation: Preferred parameters as desired by the users can be set such as location, facilities, price, ratings etc. By this way, user experience is enhanced.

Search based on location: There is a dedicated search box and using this box, the users can pick their desired holiday destination. By this way, the location of the venue is presented in the map.

Disputes: The best part of these apps is that they are also a feature for disputes that links the hosts and user with the organization’s customer service department.

Cancellation: For users who cancel bookings also have the option in this airbnb script. Once cancelled the host is updated immediately.

Internal messaging: There is an option for hosts and users to communicate in Airbnb clone script. With the help of internal messaging, the hosts, as well as users, can be communicated easily.

Currency and multi-language: The ease of integration of many languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, and English etc. is possible with the clone script. Customizing the app to accept many currencies is easily done.

Social media login: There is also a facility for users to log in to the app employing social media accounts. The app is developed in a way it enhances user experience.

Coupon code module: Like other sites, this app also gives importance to coupon codes. Users are provided with special coupon codes at times of festival seasons.

Export facility: The service providers have the option to download reports on a monthly, weekly, yearly basis as per their requirements.

These are few features with Airbnb clone script and there are a lot more features beneficial for the users by making use of Airbnb script.


Many organizations assist in developing website clone scripts. They develop customized cloning scripts based on the client’s requirements. They make sure to do ample planning and research for any clone scripts to be developed. Business individuals can hence look for best solution providers to develop airbnb clone scripts and take the business to the next level.
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