Importance Of Travel Insurance: 5 Reasons To Buy Travel Insurance Policy

Whenever it is about planning a trip with family and friends, we often get very excited. We plan everything - shopping, places we’ll visit, adventure activities and the trip budget. But, one thing that we often neglect is a travel insurance. You might be very well aware of what an insurance is. Just like any other insurance policy, an insurance for travel acts as a shield to protect you and your family against any mishap or unforeseen situation. However, despite this fact, this insurance remains the most underrated and most neglected insurance among other options.

Being a smart man of the modern century, you must realize that those who purchase a travel insurance love their money as much you love yours. Hence, they will not invest their money in something which is worthless. So, if you were travelling all this long, without an insurance, its time to see the real picture as to why this insurance is very important.

1. Delayed Or Cancelled Flights

If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, the insurance help you get reimbursed for transportation expenses, any trip payments that are non-refundable, unanticipated hotel stays and other allied costs. For instance, if your travel package begins from 15th and the flight gets cancelled. So with the insurance in hand, you can get reimbursed cost of car rental and first night’s hotel stay.

2. Medical Emergency

In case, your medical condition, during the trip, gets too severe that you need to be evacuated to your homeland or to the nearest hospital, the insurance company will bear all the transport expenses. Even in case of a domestic trip, this rule is applicable and you might be shifted to the best hospital for better treatment facilities.

3. Non-Medical Travel Emergencies

If you are travelling without an insurance to back you up, all the non-medical expenses, such as loss of international DL, passport, baggage and laptop, will be borne by you. On the other hand, if you are insured with a travel cover, you can get assured financial assistance for any expenses occurring in uncertain situations.

4. A Call Away In India And Abroad

The reach of a travel insurance policy is not restricted to a specific country; rather it is spread on a worldwide scale. Hence, while you are travelling, irrespective of the location, you can be rest assured that there is something that is continuously guarding you against sudden adverse situations. Whenever you are stuck in a situation, you can simply dial a toll-free number or visit their website to register your claim online.

5. Personal Liability

The insurance also gives you a cover in situations where damage is not caused to you, but, to a third party, leading financial liabilities on you. Under such situations, the legal expenses will be borne by the insurance company Under the clause of personal liability in the insurance policy.

With this, it is clearly evident how important an insurance is, to you, while you are travelling. So, don’t let financial emergencies affect your travel plan and get insured today..!!

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