Tips On Organizing The Kitchen Drawers And Cabinets

We always plan to sort and organize our kitchen thoroughly but it’s hard to do so with all the knick-knacks filled in the drawers of a kitchen. But after a move it is the best time to organize a kitchen as you will have a kitchen full of empty drawers and boxes upon boxes of utensils, heavy items as well as all the miscellaneous cooking supplies waiting to be unpacked.

Divide your kitchen in task specific zones and keep your cooking regime in mind like how you prep and cook meals and clean up afterward. Basically, there are five zones including food prep, cooking and baking, storage, and tableware and cleaning but you may consider having fewer or more zones as per your preferences.

Food Prep

Food preparation zone should be located near the largest area of countertop. Drawers of this area should be stocked knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls and measuring spoons as these are the most required items while cooking and preparing the cooking.

Cooking & Baking

All the utensils including pots and pans, cooking utensils, baking sheets and potholders should ideally be stored near to the stove and oven. If you are storing pots and pans in drawers then keep their lids separate to stack pots and pans by shape.


Drawers located near the refrigerator should be used for storage purposes and these storage places may contain food-storage containers, sandwich bags, plastic wrap, tinfoil, etc. You can even store extra groceries here.


Tableware should ideally be kept near dishwasher for an easy cleaning and even easier approach. You can dedicate separate drawers to flatware and plates, bowls and other table ware. If, like many others, you are also opting for melamine and plastic ware instead of glassware then you can assign the lower drawers to it so the kids can also easily access them.


Cleaning supplies including sponges, rags, dish towels and garbage bags, should be generally stored in the area below your sink. 

You can place things prioritized based on frequency of their use. Keep the items you use the most in the top drawers, followed by those you use less often, and so on. This will enable your daily used items more accessible.


Along with the above zone directed areas, you can also consider using the following tricks to organize your kitchen a little more than usual.

·         You can use a sleek magnetic organizer to keep all of your essentials including kitchen towel roll, scissors, and oven gloves etc.

·         You can try using a corner rack to keep your most used pans, pots, and cookbooks.

·         Revamp your cutlery drawer by separating each type of cutlery with drawer separators which are readily available in market.

·         Keep your small appliances and mixers in pull out drawers for an easy and quick access.

·         You can easily hang wine glasses and other stemware under the shelf. For this you can get a readymade hanger or you can get it custom made from a professional. This will save a hefty space in your cabinets.

You must always hire the best moving companies to pack and move your kitchen items. Once the professionals deliver all your belongings safely at your new place,you must use this guide to arrange your kitchen drawers toperfection.
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