Tips on How to Buy Solar Panel Batteries

The solar battery is one of the most important components of a solar power system. The quality of the batteries for solar panels can go a long way to determine how long the solar power system will last and how well it can serve you at home.  there are different types of batteries being sold out there today with many of them claiming to be the best but experience has taught that one should think twice before trusting any of these batteries since many of them almost always fail to deliver on their promises.

Do you want to install a solar power system at home and you need helpful guidance on how to buy the batteries for solar power system for your home? The points discussed in the course of this write-up will show you a couple of things to consider when shopping for batteries in the UK or elsewhere.

How to choose the best

When buying batteries for solar panels, you need to determine how long the solar battery will last, as well as, how much power it can generate for your home or office needs.  The chemical with which the solar battery is made can go a long way to determine how long it will last.  The commonly used chemical compositions of the battery solution are highlighted below:

·         Lithium ion
·         Lead Acid
·         Saltwater
The best option among the three is the one that contains lithium ion.  Be that as it may, the lithium ion battery is more expensive than the remaining two, which is why many homes prefer to use it.  The lead acid battery has a rather short lifespan; the DoD is also relatively low compared to the other types of batteries for solar panels available. The lithium ion battery, on the other hand, is lighter and also comes with a higher DoD compared to Lead ion batteries.  The lifespan of the lithium ion battery is e       equally longer. The only draw down is the issue of cost.  Be that as it may, those who buy the lithium ion batteries will get good value for money.   
Conversely, the saltwater battery does not contain heady metals that are found in the other types of batteries for solar panels.  The battery can be easily recycled.

The manufacturer is important

Before you spend your money on any of the batteries for solar panels being sold out there, you should carefully consider the manufacturers.  Some manufactures are reliable, while some other ones cannot be trusted for top quality.  Before buying the battery from that manufacturer, first find out if the company is technologically advanced in its production process. 

Also, do not forget to check the track record of that manufacturer before you trust it with your money.  Find out if that company has a history of making long-lasting and reliable batteries for solar panels before you buy any product from the manufacturer. You should look out for another manufacturer if the one under review does not have such a reliable record. The issue of cost is equally very important when buying solar panel batteries.          

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