How to choose a good ceiling fan

The ceiling fan has stood the test of time in the present scenario of revolution in home comfort devices. It was devised during the industrial revolution almost a century back but continues to be a simple, endearing and effective home cooling and heating solution. For most of us in India, the charm of the ceiling fan lies in the silent whirl that reminds us of bygone day and sultry summers.

The best ceiling fans for kitchens should take into consideration air circulation and cooling effects especially in the summer months but due to the overwhelming choice available in the market it becomes a difficult task to choose any small ceiling fans for kitchen. The ceiling fans come in a variety of types, styles, price ranges and brands with different motors, materials used, controlling systems and embellishments to suit a variety of styles.

Here is a list of factors to consider when you choose the best ceiling fans for kitchens:

1.       Size of the room: The kitchen is usually the smallest room in the house and one needs to buy a fan that provides air circulation to reach every corner of it. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind when finding the small ceiling fans for kitchen. You might have an open kitchen in which case a normal sized fan should be used.
2.       Material used for blades: Nowadays fan blades are made with a variety of metals, wood and plastic. One needs to choose the fan as per the style requirements of your kitchen. Also check if the blades have a powder coating that will give it added protection against moisture.
3.       Number of blades: Most of us assume that the more number of blades will produce greater airflow but it is not true. More blades make the fan heavier and it consumes more electricity to run. The angle of the blades make that decision on airflow. The best ceiling fans for kitchens have usually three blades.
4.       Energy efficiency: Most fans come with a star rating system that easily lets you ascertain the quality of the motor and should tilt your choice. A good motor should have a silent and smooth performance to provide optimal airflow.
5.       Controls on the ceiling fan: Most of the small ceiling fans for kitchen come with a wall control though remote control and also pull chain method of control are also available. The wall control is mostly used as it is ideal for the kitchen environment with high concentration of moisture but other varieties may be more elegant as per the style quotient. The remote control is used for its convenience and is ideal for high ceilings whereas a pull chain control is easy to reach and is usually a low-maintenance ceiling fan.
6.       Fit to your Budget: Finally the budget decides which type of fan you may choose. Take note that a good quality fan might seem expensive but due to better efficiency is a better choice in the long run.
Choose wisely and happy huntings.

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