How to Choose the best NI Wedding Venue

Wedding are all about ‘love, laughter and happily ever after’. The wedding is a special day not only for bride and groom but their family and mates as well. Wedding ambience totally depends upon its venue. Wedding venues are selected with utmost care and diligence. It is made sure that venue complies with all the demands of wedding party. The following points are to be considered while choosing the wedding venue:

·         Location

The first point to be considered is the location that where you want your wedding to take place whether it is a church, beach, hotel or cafe. The location would be determined by the accessibility for vendors and guests. The venue should be centrally located so that every related party to the wedding have easy access to the location.

·         Availability

Another point to consider is the availability of the venue at chosen dates. One should think about some dates before seeing the location. Also check with the family and friends that whether they are available on those dates or not. The location should be booked in advance so that no problem occurs nearby wedding.

·         Facilities

Before finalising the venue other point to considered is the facilities available. The seating capacity need to be checked. The parking capacity needs to be tallied that whether it is enough or not. All details should be compared with the number of guests you are inviting.

·         Package

Make a list of shortlisted wedding venues and packages offered by them. This will make it easier to find the cost effective and perfect venue. Also the wedding package depends upon the lunch and dinner courses so go according to that.

·         Food and Beverage

Another point to be considered is food and beverage. One should surely test the food before finalising it. Also check that whether they are able to fulfil your special demands or not. Also if you want the liquor availability then check that whether they allow it or not. If they do allow then how much is included in the package.

·         Cost

While choosing venue, keep in mind your budget. You have to be very careful with the cost and have to bargain as well. In case of tight budget you can reduce the number of guests. Also one should check for payment and cancellation policies carefully.

·         Service

Another point to consider is services provided. One should check for the number of personnel and the service attitude of theirs.

·         Other Considerations

Other points to be considered are audio- visual testing. Check for the bride’s room and minimum table requirement. Negotiate with the dealer as this can provide you better offers.

The above points are to be considered while choosing the perfect wedding venue. NI Wedding Venue provides the facilities as above mentioned and can be considered as good wedding venues.
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