8 Reasons Egypt Is the Location for You This Summer

If you are planning your summer holidays, then you should try out Egypt! It is a cheap vacation destination. Moreover, there are several interesting places in Egypt like Hurghada, Alexandria, Cairo, Giza and more.
If you wish to enjoy more, find the perfect cruise to Egypt from UK and visit there. If you are still confused about whether Egypt is the right place or not, then the following reasons will surely change your mind!
1. You will get to cool down in Sahl Hasheesh
Sahl Hasheesh faces the sea so you will get to enjoy the sea and the beach. There are various water activities, beach parties, private dining facilities and more at this location.
2.  Go for Twilight Camel rides at Giza
There are quality Camel ride facilities in Giza. It is home to beautiful pyramids and the sand dunes. It is a vast region and going for a camel ride is the best option to explore this place properly. The camel rides are available on an hourly basis. 
3. Hike on Mount Sinai
Egypt is home to many adventurous locations. Find the perfect cruise to Egypt from the UK to add more fun to your holiday. You can go hiking on Mount Sinai. You will get to watch the beautiful sunset after you reach the summit!
4. Visit Cairo Citadel
Ancient Cairo is a good place to visit during the summers. It consists of the historical citadel which was constructed in the 12th century. There are various mosques and museums too.
5. Shop for Souvenirs at Khan El Khalili bazaar
The best place to buy souvenirs is in this special bazaar. If you love handicrafts, clothing, traditional decor items and more then you will get everything here. 
6. Visit Cairo Egyptian Museum
If you wish to take a break from the scorching summer heat, then go for a guided tour of the Egyptian Museum. It has a collection of many antiquities such as treasures from the tombs, mummies, and more.
7. Go for Nile Cruise
Another way to stay away from the heat is to go for a Nile River cruise. The sails are available at reasonable prices. You can also find the perfect cruise to Egypt from UK if you love the cruise.
8. Enjoy red sea
Hurghada is situated on the Red Sea coast. So, you will get to do various water activities like swimming and scuba diving. Visit the Hurghada Aquarium as well when you are there!
Summer may not seem like the perfect time to visit Egypt but if you hate crowds and noise then this is the most suitable time. There are various places where you can beat the heat, so no worries. Therefore, plan your summer holidays in Egypt today!
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