What Is hCG Beta Numbers and Its Relation to Pregnancy?

The best way to know about your pregnancy is to use a digital stick and pee on it. If you get a positive result then congratulations that you are going to give birth to a baby. However, if you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and been going through some pregnancy losses, then you must try a fertility treatment, which can be done by sperm injection, and it can be performed by a gynecologist or an endocrinologist.

Then when you are checking that if you are pregnant or not, you might get to hear about, what is a positive beta hCG test? This is human chorionic gonadotropin-beta, which will tell you if your result is positive or not. It measures the amount of hormone in your blood stream. So, if you consider having an hCG test other than a digital stick, then you will get assured of your conceiving. Here, we have covered the same matter for your convenience.

What does it do?

This is a hormone and is known as hCG beta. This divides the placenta cells inside of the embryo. The main function it provides which helps in the simulation of the structure that is created for the ovary when it releases eggs. It also produces progesterone and estrogen, and these are crucial for maintaining the lining of endometrium.

The beta numbers of hCG can be detected easily, and it can be done by a blood test of a pregnant woman. This also can be done after the 11 days of the conception, around 12th or the 14th day. The level of these hormones varies from the 3rd week to the 25th. Your doctor will look for a certain level of hCG in your blood when you will get the first test. In the second one, it will be checked if the pregnancy is viable or not. If the number of hCG is not increased after the first week of your pregnant state, then there can be a threat of ectopic pregnancy, and there can be another possibility of blighted ovum, where only the gestational sac develops but there is no growth in the embryo. Also, this can be slow in the pace, and your doctor will assure you about the situation if it happens.

Increased hCG beta

On the other case, increased HCG can cause molar pregnancy. This happens because of an error when the eggs got fertilized by the sperm. The result shows up in the fast growth of abnormal tissue and a cluster of grape-like cells in the body. Most of the molar pregnancies are removed by dilation or by suction. The high level of hCG happens when a woman is pregnant with twins, but the level doesn’t go higher like the molar pregnancy.

However, it’s suggested that as a mother-to-be you must not think much about the level of hCG beta numbers, because, when you get the ultrasound you will get to know about the exact position you are in.
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