Here are 5 Subtle Signs Which Shows You are a Domestic Violence victim

Whenever we think about domestic violence we draw a picture in our mind where an angry man is yelling at an innocent looking woman or worse beating her physically. But the reality is much more strange and it manifests much more than physical assault but includes verbal and psychological abuse also, which means your partner could be abusing you even without you realizing it.

You could be abused by your partner without being in a threatening situation. The experts denote domestic violence as a pattern of behavior where one person tries to control, intimidate, hurt, frighten, or coerce his or her partner. If your partner does something which frightens you or makes you uneasy towards a situation then it is also a form of domestic violence. Only an efficient domestic violence lawyer Colorado can tell you about how you can understand the behavior of a domestic violence abuser.

Let's look at some of the most subtle signs of an abuse in a relationship. If you are witnessing a pattern of behavior either in you or your partner, then you should be concerned about being in a situation of domestic violence.

1. When you do not have future plans and mutual goals -

If your partner does not respond to your questions regarding future plans and goals. It is a psychological fact that the abuser cannot accept the victim as an equal because the abuser considers the victim as an inferior and does not talk with respect. The verbal abusers always block discussions they do not want to have a constant communication level with their spouse in a regular basis.

The abuse may be committed to the relationship by being on your side, providing you money to raise the kids and run the family but he does not sit with you and plan for the future together in a supportive way. Not seeing your partner as an equal in the relationship is a clear feature of domestic violence.

2. Your views are never appreciated or validated -

Abusers always dismiss the victim's point of views and downplay their opinions with hurtful words like "Shut your mouth" "Just mind your business". The abuser always seeks for the dominance and an unwillingness to support his or her partner. The verbal abuser is much more inclined to negate the views, values, accomplishments or plans of the spouse. The victim can often misunderstand the negation as a sign of lack of common interest or stress.

The abuser usually counter your thoughts whenever you speak. When you want to agree and disagree the abuse will negate your opinion and beliefs and always tell you that you are wrong.

It is one of the major cases of domestic violence abuse because it stops all the chances of healthy discussion.

3. You become the target of sarcastic comments and vulgar jokes -


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Verbal abuse is generally in the form of sexual jokes. They are cheap, creepy, and not at all funny but they give a feel of superiority to the abuser. If the abuser makes a vulgar and sarcastic comment which hurt your feelings and you express your unhappiness over the statement, then the abuser says that it is just a funny jokes and you are being unnecessarily sensitive or you are making a scene of nothing. The abuser will never apologize. Sarcastic jokes are an example of invaliding your thoughts and opinions and thus a form of abuse.

4. Your achievements are considered underrated -

Just assume a scenario that you have gotten a promotion at your work, but your spouse is neither happy nor excited for your achievement. In fact, you start feeling guilty that your partner is not happy at all.

Another scenario is you did not have a job and everything was smooth but now you got a job and suddenly the behavior of your partner is changed. When you proposes him or her to change the small home and take a big one then you are accused of being over protective and flashing your money. But you were just trying to help and contribute to the family.

The abusive partner does not enjoy the success of their partner and try to demotivate them regarding their achievements because of a competitive approach to the relationship.

Possessiveness is a bad thing which is found in the abusive partner's mind. At some level, he or she feels that they own you, therefore, they have a right to treat you as anything they like.

5. You start thinking that something is wrong with you -

Sometimes the victims of a domestic abuse start blaming themselves for the problems in their relationship. abusers often take some covert means of manipulating behaviors that are hard to recognize and you feel like a guilty person.

The abuser always tries to be clever and hides his tracks to ensure that there is no witness to justify the victim and a sense of shame prevents in the victim's mind and you starts believing that you must not have asked such stupid questions.

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