4 Storage Organization Tips for Easy Access

Self-storage units are a great relief, but this relief can easily turn into a disaster, if you do not organize it the right way. Whether you need to take out your winter clothing or prepare for a sudden rainfall, it is important that your storage units allow you quick and easy access.

It is never comfortable to start digging the storage unit at the eleventh hour and find yourself opening one box after another and not finding what you want.

The last thing you want is seeing yourself with a pile of boxes, ripped open, and stull unable to look for whatever you are looking for.

So, to avoid such conditions and make the best use of your storage unit, you need to work on your organization skills. In this blog, we will help you with some organization tips, which will make sure your storage unit is all set and easy to access 365 days in a year:

1-      Choose the box size wisely, and keep it same:

The better you stack the boxes, the easier it becomes to access the unit. While it can be tough to store all items in similar sized boxes, you can try to keep the box size identical for as many articles as you can. Small and medium sized boxes are idea to keep most of the items, however, for large items which are also heavy, you need to arrange for large boxes. The same size of the boxes will help you in easy arrangement as well as ease of moving the boxes, whenever you want to take anything out.

2-      Identify what you will need in near future

The best part about Public Storage Peoria is that you can use them to virtually store any item. This means that you will be moving all your wanted and unwanted stuff in the storage units, which, in future can give you trouble. To ensure you have the best access to the items you need, you should identify the items you require frequently, then those which are required less or even never. Sone important and frequently required items include seasonal clothing, outdoor adventure (hiking, camping, cruising) supplies, Holiday supplies, documents, garden and garage tools and more.

3-      Play the label game:

It is important that you label all the boxes with the items inside. To make it better, make sure that you put a list of items inside as well as label the boxes with ‘Fragile’ or ‘This Side Up’ notations. Make identification marks on the boxes that you want to access frequently and while packing the unit, keep these items towards the end.

4-      Keep an inventory and a layout plan of the unit:

Lastly, you need to keep a master list of the inventory in the unit as well as the layout of the boxes. This is how you can easily pick the box you want and know which box has what in store.

These are some simple tips that will help you keep your storage unit organized, so you do not have to struggle to find anything. Just, follow these tips and you can easily get your hands on the right thing, whenever you want.

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