Which is best suited for the office: UV Filter or RO Water Purifier

These days, waterborne diseases has increased tremendously and the number of people getting infected all over the world is only rising at a fast pace. Although some people have realized the emergency and installed water purifiers at their homes and office, the majority are still to become aware of the grave situation the kind of problems that they and their staffs may face due to contaminated water.

Need for good, clean water

It is important for each and every person to consume water every day and during all seasons. The rate of water consumption only increases manifolds during the summer season when the temperature soars very high and makes the throat parched all the time. Poor water purification methods and contamination during supply combined with inadequate cleanliness at the time of storing are considered to be the main culprits for creating health hazards. Hence, it becomes essential for every commercial establishment, office and household to install the best and most suitable water purification system to stay protected and ensure overall good health.

Nowadays, there are available different types of water purification systems in the market. Hence, choosing the most appropriate one can be a real challenging task. Calling up the RO service customer care can help to know the type and model that will be suitable for the office.

Comparing UV and RO purifiers

Ultra Violet Filters (UV) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) are considered to be the top two water purifier systems available in the market, with each having some definite unique aspects and also some limitations. It is necessary to go through the fundamentals of each of them, to find out which model will be perfect for the establishment.

Modus operandi

·         RO: It is just opposite to Osmosis technology. In this type, dissolved solids present in water are completely removed. When eliminating invisible bacteria from water, it is not stated to be 100% foolproof option. There is present a membrane to filter dissolved solids and invisible particles. It also reduces significantly the germ percentage. The RO system basically moves molecules to that of low concentration solute from the high concentration one. Income water pressure is used to flow clean water via the membrane to trap impurities. It is through the outlet that the particles and water gets discharged.

·         UV: UV or Ultra Violet rays are used for destroying germs and microbes. It is even combined with the other filtration systems for enhancing overall water quality. The UV systems do purify harmful contaminants present in water. UV light source can be found mounted on the chamber, where water is exposed to UV rays. The bacteria cells are then penetrated by the UV rays, which in turn destroys its reproducing ability.

How they both are different?

This will depend upon the water type supplied in the area. In case, more minerals and ions are present in water, then RO is the perfect choice. If mineral percentage is less, then UV purifier should be selected. Getting the water tested by a reputed laboratory will help to make the right selection.

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