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The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor boasts one of the largest psychology research departments in the country. Currently this university holds the amount 3 slot for top Ph.D. programs in psychology according to the U.S. News and World Reports rankings, measuring high top quality of a college's staff, research, and students. At Michigan, students get training for professions in both educational and applied settings-for positions in colleges, government agencies, research organizations, and treatment centers. There are 6 different places of psychology in which you could get a Ph.D. including:

·         Knowledge & Cognitive Neuroscience
·         Personality & Social Contexts
·         Biopsychology
·         Social Psychology
·         Clinical Psychology
·         Developing Psychology

In addition, there many joint programs of research, offering dual emphasis in different areas:

·         Women's Studies and Psychology
·         Knowledge and Psychology
·         Social work and Psychology

As posted on the University of Michiganwebsite, there are several goals that indicate top quality in graduate research. The common goals of psychology doctorate programs at Michigan include: 1) a standard knowledge of the wide topic of psychology providing full assistance in preparation of psychology questions and answers; 2) expertise of a specialized field; 3) proficiency in organizing, decoding, and interacting effectively; 4) proficiency in research abilities and creative work; and 5) professional abilities relevant to their area of expertise. This wide array of abilities will enable graduate students to seek out professions in many different places and develop their own program of research by working cooperatively with teachers across the division, and in some cases, the university itself.

What can you do to get ready for graduate university at Michiganian?

To get into graduate university at Michigan, of course, you need to have an excellent educational resume, official copies of your records, submit GRE exam scores, and effective recommendations. There are also several helpful suggestions found on the Department of Psychologywebsite. Specifically, these suggestions suggest beginning to get ready for graduate university during at least your junior year of undergrad education:

·         Wide undergrad background in natural, physical, and social sciences
·         Programs in Trial Psychology (or research methods)
·         Programs in Statistics
·         Experience, lab and/or research assistantships
·         Undergraduate research study as a plus

The University of Michiganian-Ann Arbor is a competitive for graduate student approval. The typical overall GPA of a confessed student is approximately 3.82. Although the number of students confessed changes from season upon season, generally, less than 5% of candidates receive an approval letter.

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