Strategies to Score More in CBSE Class 10 Board Exam

The date sheet for the CBSE class 10 Board Exam 2018-19 has been released and it is the time of the year, where students are found busy preparing for their exams. Those students appearing for the board exams have a dilemma about how to score perfect 10 CGPA? Scoring a perfect 10 CGPA is not that easy but it can be achieved with thorough preparations.

During this time, most of the students will be confused with how to prepare for the board exams, which books to refer, and eventually end up messing with the study materials.

Here are a few tips and strategies which might be helpful for students in their exam preparations and to score more in board exams.

      Prepare a study plan, which would eventually help you in tracking your completion every day.
      The next thing is the syllabus. Make sure to keep the updated syllabus ready before starting with the preparations.
      Collect all the required study materials, including the class notes, previous year question papers, sample pears, NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths and Science, and other important questions.
      Concentrate more on the difficult topics and practice more by writing rather than reading or practicing orally.
      Make a list of all the important terminologies, formulas, equations, symbols, measuring units, etc.
      Study on a regular basis, be regular to class and practice revising the class notes or teachers lecture on the same day.
      Revision is the key to success. Therefore have a number of revisions thoroughly to become perfect before your boards.
      Refer more NCERT books including NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science and Maths, NCERT exemplar and other NCERT textbooks.
      Practice more questions by solving model papers and have more mock tests to gain a knowledge about the exam paper pattern and time management.
      Along with the studies, take care of your health by including protein-rich diet, regular exercise and having an adequate amount or minimum of 8 hours sleep.

Hope these preparation tips will be helpful  to score well in your exams. Perform well and All the best!

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