Most Electronic Items Ever Used

With new discoveries in technology every day, it has become very easy for us to rely on it. We depend on it for every small and big chore. It has become a part of our daily routines. On websites like compareraja, one might find a list of hundreds of appliances made and used every day, however, there are few that are used the most on a regular basis as compared to any other. Let's look at some of them.


Televisions have become one of the key components of a household. With new improvements in the entertainment sector and the ease to afford a television has really brought made it accessible for everyone. Plus there are a number of brands in the market starting from the LG's to the Sony TVs. Hence, ample options for the customers to choose from.

Mobile phones

If you visit tech websites like compareraja, you'll come to notice that there are an infinite number of phones in the market. There are more than a hundred brands and every brand have more than a hundred different models of phones. Hence, access to a mobile phone is easier. Plus, for instance, Sony phones are more portable than Sony TVs. So, easy access and portability become few of the top reasons why mobile phones have such a huge market.

A fridge:

Now, this might be my personal favorite. After a television and a mobile phone if there is anything required it is a fridge obviously, to store your food and beverages. There are more than three types of fridges starting from a mini fridge to the vast double door fridges. I believe a fridge is a must for every household. Best in the business being Whirlpool and Samsung. Sony although is not so much of a player in the fridge market as it is in Sony phones and Sony TVs.


It might come as a surprise but laptops are among the most bought electronics in the world. I believe the sole reason being, it is not as big a television but it isn't as small as a cell phone too. Hence, watching movies or doing your official work while on the go become more easy with a laptop. In easier words, laptop brings your official and your personal life together. And yeah according to compare, Sony has accumulated a lot of attention in the laptop market. For a matter of fact, not only Sony but many other brands, who once were specific to a single product have launched their line of laptops.


Yes, there are other appliances like air conditioning, microwave, heaters, light bulbs ceiling fans and more, however,  the above choices are something whose demands have grown throughout these last couple of years. So, next time when you plan on buying any of the above-mentioned products, remember that there will be hundreds more buying the same product in some other country. Also, don't confuse yourself with options, go for what you believe is the best.

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