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Are you planning to stay at Cambodia luxury resort? Then, Song Saa could be the answer for you. In thisarticle, we shall see how Song Saa offers luxury to all. It is through an integrated approach across property, hospitality, design, as well as investment enterprises and even standard-setting foundation have brought Song Saa to combine an ethics-led business practices with a needs-based social actions to not only entertain those of the higher ups but even those who consider themselves to belong to the middle class as well as those of the so-called regular citizens.

Song Saa resort has been an answer for those who want to stay at Cambodia luxury resort due to their informative and excellent history. We all know that those who have already been on top of others and known to have an outstanding rate would be also those who have been through a lot and a long history. Song Saa’s first venture in the resort and luxury life and field was when it opened the award-winning Song Saa Private Island back in the year of 2012. It is known to have pioneered conservation-based luxury tourism located in Cambodia’s Koh Rong Archipelago which allowed them to work with the surrounding villages, the government itself of Cambodia, their financial investors and donor partners, as well as a broader range of stakeholders in order to improve the livelihoods of the locals as well as in order to preserve the region’s rainforests and its marine life. In addition to this, Song Saa has been able to strive to honor the past, to consolidate the present, as well as to build a better future throughout Southeast Asia and way beyond that. Surprising to read, right? Well that is just through the earlier mentioned rich history of Song Saa. It is also through the knowledge that they have gained through their experiences that they have been able to create a 21st– century business model that is made to employ business as an agent for change that is considered to not only be positive but also profitable – an aspect that is not only loved by those who are business-minded people but even though those who belong to the regular section or group of people of the society.

Now, if you are wondering on what to look forward to and expect if you really are planning to set up a stay at Cambodia luxury resort just like this amazing Song Saa, then the next few descriptions should blow and trigger your imagination. Song Saa’s award-winning and unique sustainable development community known as the Song Saa private island is known to be Cambodia’s very first high-end coastal resort and it was also crowned to be a true pioneer when it comes to sustainable development. In addition to this, the Song Saa Reserve - which is located adjacent to the Banteay Srey Temple in Siem Reap – is the one aiming for setting a global benchmark for a high-end yet environmentally and socially conscious tourism development. Now, scenery wise, the reserve is actually more than 200 in hectares and it has a prime-lake location – making it known to be environmentally and socially driven.

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