7 Quirky Wedding Ideas You Need

A person’s wedding day is the most beautiful day in his or her life. Most of the people like to keep their wedding simple and elegant. But what if you mix some madness into it? What if you come up with some quirky plans to make your wedding more fun? Confused? Excited? Well, let us help you with 7 quirky ideas that can make your guests remember your wedding day forever. Let us start.

1.    You can plan different types of activities for your guests: What about planning an old-style ball dance or a game where your guests interact with one another? You can start with getting roundtables for the seating arrangements and let your guests mingle with each other. You can have a dance arrangement where people get to choose partners randomly. You never know you might be a matchmaker!

2.    You can ask your guests to offer you flowers as you walk down the aisle: Having a bouquet in your hand as you walk down the aisle is a regular thing. But have you ever thought of walking down empty-handed? Let your guests hold one carnation each. They can offer you one by one as you all down the aisle. This makes everyone happy as they can technically be a part of your wedding.

3.    Secret tasks to be done by each of the guests: What if you have a chit under every glass of wine. That chit would have a simple yet funny dare for the owner of that glass. He or she can opt to go for the date, and it is going to be so much fun. You can have dares such as asking someone out or stand up and sing a song for the bride and so on.

4.    You can give out funny props to each of your guests: This resembles a theme party as well. As your guests enter, you can hand over different kind of funny and innovative props to each of them. For example, you can give out hats, masks, goggles and funny cartoon kits to people. Crown a man with beautiful beads while giving the woman a sword to hold. You can also go for movie themes like the pirates or the princess diaries. If you guys are superhero fans, you can go for cool superhero themes as well. They need to wear it throughout the wedding, and you can set up a photo booth where they can click photographs as well. This way, you get to make cute memories.

5.    Hide the wedding ring! Yes, it sounds insane, but this can be the most fun wedding ever. What if you stand in front of your partner and convey that you have lost the ring! Ask your family and friends to search for it. Meanwhile hide it somewhere in the venue. You can hide it under the tables or maybe stick it to someone’s bag. However, this activity would be fun if the site is small. This will be a fun activity. The winner will be given an exciting prize.

6.    Give out funny return gifts: The idea of giving out return gifts is old. However, you can always spice it up with new, funny and innovative ideas. Give out scented candles to the couples. You can also give out food coupons to the ones who love to eat. Other gifts would include free fun park passes, music concerts or decorative stuff. You can also customize gifts for each of your guests if you don’t have a huge lot invited to the party. You can check out voucherbucket for discount coupons.

7.    You can keep a feedback box: It is funny, but we always want to know what people think about us. You can keep a letterbox where every guest can come and drop a message for you guys. It can be just a wish or their experience in the wedding party. They can write anything. You can also make this idea even better by specifying what kind of message you want. For example, you can ask them to write one good and one bad point about you guys. You can frame all the notes later on.

These are some ideas you can use. You can also improvise these and make your wedding a complete fun day. Trust me; it is so much better than a tedious affair. Try them out and turn it into a fantastic wedding party!

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