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In the present era also the SMS service is much useful to many of the service sectors and businesses. Long code constitutes a virtual phone number that can be utilised for sending information based on the text. It functions on the basis of the keyword requisition. Plus the keyword request obtained from some number of consumers is recorded to make out their preferences and pick. Post obtaining the requests or preferences of consumers, the acknowledgement can be possibly completed by way of an automated reply made in the shape of a text message immediately.

Long code forms nothing more than a ten digit mobile virtual number. It is often referred to as SMS virtual number towards which any user can convey a text message to relate with applications and acquire the wanted response. Usual services which may be enjoyed employing a mobile virtual number are activation of service, information-on-demand, request-response application etc. To get the benefits of a virtual mobile number, it is necessary to get in touch with SMS long code service provider.

The codes:

Dissimilar to shortcodes that can be accessed only in India, the SMS virtual numbers can be accessed worldwide, and any end-user is capable of conveying a message to mobile virtual number just for the usual SMS rates. For this reason, long code service makes an ideal pick for businesses that do not like their targeted consumers or staff members to dole out premium charges for SMS in relation to conveying a query. In addition, these long code services as well provide businesses to be in possession of their dedicated mobile virtual number only at reasonable prices.

SMS virtual numbers make a correctly befitting for closed group audience that is targeted that is closed group data system such as service engineers, sales force, dealers or vendors, employees, present clientele etc. who may on a regular basis utilise the two-way SMS application over SMS long code and acquire or offer the wanted information. Hence, it may be deemed necessary for businesses to buy virtual number receive SMS or send for the ease of the consumers.

The service:

Any virtual SMS or phone number makes a number that works to direct calls to some other phone number, and it does not contain any unique endpoint. These virtual SMS or phone numbers are usually handled through an online service plus you can buy it for use. The location or consumers that the virtual number is aimed at is capable of being updated if the need arises. For the business, this feature can be stated to be very beneficial.

In the first place, these phone numbers may cut down the expenses incurred through calls. Any virtual phone number having a local area code implies callers found in those area codes may use this virtual number by paying local rates.

Virtual phone numbers may as well make possible distant working and geographic versatility. Employees may allocate virtual phone numbers for the external devices like cell phones, laptops, and computers, with the intention they may be accessed outside their offices.

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