Young Professionals – The Future Of The Country

The development of the country directly depends on the quality training of new personnel for enterprises and business, management and politics, that is why Bulat Utemuratov invests in modern perspective education in Kazakhstan.

Reforms and reconstructions in the alma mater of a businessman

Mr. Utemuratov graduated from the Economics Department of the Almaty Institute of National Economy in 1981. Almost a quarter of a century passed, when a successful businessman, politician, public figure paid attention to his alma mater and decided that it was time to turn it into a modern promising university that would become the talent foundry for the Republic of Kazakhstan.
According to Bulat Utemuratov, as of 2005, the Narkhoz was critically short of technical support and professional staff, and corruption was flourishing. Having applied his comprehensive approach, the businessman invested more than $40 million in the development of the university. And the income from the activities of the institution was not withdrawn but reinvested in development, which allowed improving the technical, pedagogical and sports facilities. As a result, it was possible to attract foreign education experts and completely modify the learning process.

Since 2016, there have been additional opportunities for talented school graduates:
  • 5 personal grants of Bulat Utemuratov;
  • 100 grants from the investment group Verny Capital and Forte Bank.
The businessman believes that the scholarships will help educate gifted entrepreneurs who will positively influence the development of the economy of their native country in the future.

British traditions in education

Another achievement of Bulat Utemuratov and the Verny Capital company is the opening of the branch of the British Haileybury school in Kazakhstan, where the curriculum is adapted to local conditions and is aimed at children of different nationalities.

Teaching is conducted exclusively in English, but special emphasis is placed on learning the Kazakh language. At an inopportune time, many cultural and sports events are held, competitions and exhibitions are organized. Children learn to respect each other, to be responsible, initiative, to express their opinion using arguments and make informed decisions. Now in Haileybury there is an opportunity of preschool education for children from 3 years old.

Investments in the education sector are investments in the future. And people like Bulat Utemuratov understand this, perhaps, better than many, having their own experience of creating a business and developing the economic sector in the country in difficult conditions.
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