What is The Significance Of Test Tube Baby?

What is The Significance Of Test Tube Baby?
What is a test tube baby?

In a common man’s language, a test tube baby is one who is born in the test tube. Isn’t it? No it is not the case. Actually the process of a test tube baby is called as IVF – In Vitro Fertilization. “In Vitro” is a Petri dish or you can also call it a “test tube”, in which the husband’s sperms and the wife’s eggs are kept and fertilized under some conditions to convert it into a complete embryo.
This fully grown embryo is later on placed in the mother’s womb to create pregnancy. This is the actual process of a test tube baby or an IVF. It is your fertility doctors who will advise you to take an IVF or not.

The treatment -

This treatment is only performed when either of the parents is confirmed about his or her infertile situation. Today, more than 80% of the females are facing the issue of infertility. Either the fallopian tubes are blocked or their eggs are not formed or ruptured timely or there is a cyst that is covering the ovaries or any other. These are only known after a few tests are done. There is no such specific cause for infertility. The only thing that is common today is the amount of stress, unhealthy eating habits and tension that the females are bound to take thus leading them falling prey to this problem.
Though you will find many doctors performing an IVF treatment but there are only handfuls that are genuine. The test tube baby cost in Delhi is now crossing Rs 1 lacs onwards. This is because the cases are different.

Why is IVF done?

Similar is the case with males. After a few steps of physical examination and some diagnosis, their fertility doctor will advice them to take this step. IVF is performed in cases where there are no or less chances of natural conception in both the cases. In the initial stages, even after the infertility issue is diagnosed with either of the spouse, the doctor will first put you on oral medication for a couple of cycles. It is when the wife does not conceive with the natural way and yet there are little or no chances left, test tube baby is the only option.

As in the case with the females, here as well, the sperm of the husband is collected. The fertile or ruptured egg of the wife is collected under anesthesia. These are then kept under some conditions in the “Petri dish or test tube”. Later on, under the guidance of the fertility doctor, the developed embryo is placed in the mother’s womb. The entire procedure is the same in both the cases.
There are few precautions that your doctor might ask you to take after this treatment is done. To sum up, you can say that today, the importance and significance of a test tube baby has gained much importance. 

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