Vegan Subscription Boxes in the Test! These are the Best Boxes in the Market

Discover new and innovative vegan surprises every month. This is really fun! But which vegan subscription box should one choose? Read in this article, which boxes I have tested for you and your family and in which box you get the highest quality vegan products for the best price.

Which vegan box is the best?

The market for food boxes is growing steadily and I think the idea is really great monthly to be surprised with innovations in the food industry or the vegan lifestyle. You pay monthly a fixed amount and get sent for a food box with interesting (new) food. The value of the boxes exceeds in some cases even the "single purchase value" of the individual products.
As a food blogger and fundamentally curious person, I have been buying food boxes for several years now. First I had some time the Foodist box (which was not exclusively vegan at the time) and then I switched to the vegan box. I have newly discovered the Wholefood box and brand new on the market (since December) is the food box from Boutique Vegan.
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Conclusion 2.0

So here I have to fit something, because the number of subscription boxes is currently increasing so fast and picking a single company out here has become difficult! I would pick these 3 favorites for me, if I would have to 🙂:

·         Lucky vegan

·         Boutique Vegan

·         Trend Raider

At the same time, I would often switsch or order individual boxes to get the whole variety. What's great about Boutique Vegan is that you can then reorder your favorite products in the online shop, sometimes in a special offer! At the moment I subscribed to Lucky Vegan (quite fresh), because the box really convinced me, besides, I think it's terrific, that they have a Mama Box for pregnant women and nursing mothers (I recommend them everywhere - haha).

The TrendRaider boxes are now regularly given away by me, because the thank you and the Sorry boxes are really a great idea, I think and here I'll treat myself from time to time, even a separate box :-)! (In passing: The company I'm very sympathetic, incidentally, because they also like to contract two words and marked by a large letter in the middle of the word - that should prevail, as I find 🙂 so you save yourself Space and time, as I find 😉 Example: BeautyBox)

I hope I was able to give you a good overview of the individual subscription boxes with the article and I am very happy about your feedback and your experiences with the boxes !!!

Vegan Subscription Boxes in the Test! These are the Best Boxes in the Market Vegan Subscription Boxes in the Test! These are the Best Boxes in the Market Reviewed by Sahil Arora on September 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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