Tips To Select The Best Auto Creasing Machine For Bulk Printing Work

Obviously, creasing of the papers, documents, cards, flyers, brochures, booklet covers, and such other printing related materials is very much important where the printing work is carried out in bulk and at large scale. Of course, a manual accomplishment of the creasing work and that too in a perfect manner in short span is quite difficult. 

That is why, highly technical and automated machines or devices such as Morgana AutoCreaser are used at such places. These machines are specially designed and developed so that the creasing work following printing may be carried out and accomplished in an excellent and absolute manner without wasting much time and with high accuracy. In this respect, it is very much important to select the best and the right auto creasing machine for your specific purpose. Following tips may prove to be quite helpful in this respect. 

Take into consideration the capacity 

Of course, it is one of the most important points that you need to take into consideration when selecting any auto-creasing machine such as Morgana AutoCreaser for your specific purpose. It is because different types of machines are available with varying capacities to cater to varying needs of the users. Depending upon the type of printing work and your unique requirements, it is best to choose such a machine that is able to crease the requisite volumes of papers, cards, documents etc. following printing excellently and easily. 

Automated operations 

Yet another great point that you need to check and confirm when selecting any auto-creasing machine for you is the mode of operation. Any machine that performs all the functions in an automated manner is preferable in this respect. It is because you are saved from making changes or settings manually. In automated machines, everything is preset and can be modified in an easy manner depending upon your unique needs. Also, it saves your time that can be used for other productive tasks related to printing. 

Accuracy percentage  

Definitely, you must check and confirm about the percentage or extent of accuracy while selecting any auto-creasing machine for you. It is always preferred to select such a machine that ensures and offers maximum accuracy for the creasing work. This ,in turn, ensures that you get properly creased papers, cards or other printing material without the need to further correct the same manually.  


Unquestionably, you need to take into consideration the prices as well for the given auto-creasing machine. Obviously, such machines are quite costly. You need to check prices and compare the same from multiple sources while keeping in mind the features of any machine. This, in turn, allows you to choose the most reasonable machine as per your budget and needs
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