Intra Uterine Insemination treatment for Infertility

Reproduction in layman language process of making a baby is a natural experience for most of the couple; however, it is very difficult to consider. Fertility of man lies on the quality and quantity of sperm released. If the number of sperm man ejaculate is lower or of poor quality then it’s difficult for him to cause pregnancy. Man infertility is diagnosed through the testing of both partners.
Infertility is a widespreadproblem, out of every five couples two are facing this serious problem. No need to worry there ismuch best infertility hospital in Delhi, which helps the couples to get rid of this problem and live a happily married life. There are various methods to treat infertility one of the best method is IUI.
Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI)
It is the fertilization process, through which sperm is placed in the mother womb to facilitate fertilization.
Requirement before IUI treatment
·         Confirmation test that you can ovulate with or without medicine.
·         Patent tubes
·         The moderate or normal decrease of sperm count.
Best suited for
IUI is the first line of treatment for the patient where a timed course or medicine does not work. It is highly suitable for the patient as those have a moderate or mild decrease in sperm count. In the caseof women, it’s best for those who do not ovulate regularly. In some cases, if there is apparent cause of fertility, then IUI is advised.
There isthe best IUI centre in Delhi, where you can visit for consultancy or treatment. They provide you with the best medication or treatment advice. Basically, the treatment involves the following steps mentioned below.
v  You will be advised to take medicine from day 2 or 3 of your menses after then you will monitor through Sonography every 3 days.
v    Once the follicle attains the appropriate size, the injecting HCG initiates the process of ovulation and the IUI treatment is started after 36 hours. 
v  Your partner needs to provide the semen sample if there is any problem preserved sample can be used. The semen is processed in the lab and injected into the uterus.
v  Medication support is provided for the next 14 day and at the end,the test is done to confirm pregnancy.
Since it is a simple and safe procedure, it does not require any specific precaution. One should have a few minutes rest after the procedure and then you can resume your daily routine. There is no major complication involved in this treatment but some minor are enlisted below.
v  Mild pain and spotting on the same day of treatment
v  This generally leads to multiple pregnancies
v  Sometimes body excessively responds to the medication and produce more egg and causes ovarianhyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).  If such problem is experienced consult your doctor for proper care.
What are the chances of success?
Global, the success rates for IUI treatment is about 15%. Around 80% of the pregnancies occur within the first three IUI cycles. We generally commend a maximum of 3 IUI cycles.

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