How to Benefit from Toddler Dance Classes

Children, especially toddlers love to sway along with their favourite rhymes and songs. While girls dressed up in frills, ribbons and fancy shoes like to swirl, boys are more inclined towards toe-tapping with pop beats shown on television. This can be taken as a sign that the toddler is interested in dance. Two most important questions most parents would have in this context is the type of dance class suitable for the toddler and also the benefits the child can have through dance sessions.

There Are A Variety of Dance Forms Kids Can Learn and Enjoy:

#1. Ballet: Toddler dance classes teaching ballet dance concentrate mainly on strength, balance and grace. The training begins with perfecting postures and alignment of the body. Most ballet classes enrol children as young as two years old. Ballet form of dance is very graceful and leaves the audience with an expression of drifting lightly.

#2. Creative Movement: A less formal dance form, main objective of introducing the child to a learning environment aided through dance, focusing mainly on the development of motor, listening and expression skills.

#3. Hip-Hop: This dance form starts from the basic creative movements and graduates to a more challenging level, such as breakdancing as the child grows older. Hip-Hop is known to encourage creativity and originality, which the child learns to implement in the moves in his or her unique style.

#4. Contemporary: Toddler dance classes teaching this dance form focus on incorporating many dance styles together, like jazz, ballet, lyrical etc. into a more expressive modern dance form. Contemporary or modern dance forms can be introduced to children from a very young age, as young as two years. It is a more balanced form of ballet where torso strength is required.

#5. Jazz: This dance form is a combined effect of many dance styles, ranging from lyrical to contemporary styles. Characterized by high energy movements and upbeats, this form can be equally challenging and entertain for children. Various leaps, kicks and turns are taught by toddler dance classes; however, it is recommended for slightly older children, preferably with prior basic dance training.

Following Are the Main Benefits That Can Be Expected From Toddler Dance Classes:

  • Since dancing is all about physical activity, an improved physical health is a major benefit that can be expected. Regular dancing can improve a child’s muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina as well as motion range. Dancing comprises of repetitive movements that help tone the muscles and enhancement of posture, body parts coordination, and balance. Dancing is a social activity, usually done in groups, and hence the socializing benefits are huge. toddler dance classes help children develop their communication and social skills, team working skills, as well as curb their fear of public performance. Discipline is good manner they learn from group interactions. They also get encouragement to express their feelings and ideas in a creative and artistic way.
  • Regular dance practices and becoming a skilled dancer require a lot of focus and discipline that, in the long run, help in build concentration, in turn aiding educational benefits.
  • Learning various movements and postures in toddler dance classeschildren start to have a better sense and control over their bodies which in turn help in developing a higher confidence level and self-esteem.
  • Dance can be used as a medium to respond to an idea or a problem. This activity helps children to create a cognitive link to a solution for a problem, a skill very important in creating awareness of the functioning of the environment around them.
  • Dance is a very developed form of art and hence children learn to express their emotions and feelings in a creative way. It provides huge opportunities for awareness of various emotions that lead children to learn to share in their peer group. 

Dance is a very good form of cardiovascular exercise, hence has a lot of benefits for the lung health. Most importantly, it is a fun way of staying healthy.
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