Basics of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is simply called as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is divided into two sections, one is On Page Optimization and another is Off Page Optimization. On Page Optimization techniques are implemented inside the website, whereas Off Page Optimization techniques are implemented outside the websites. The basics of both On Page and Off Page optimization techniques are explained as follows.

On Page Optimization:

On Page Optimization techniques are done inside the html page of a website. On page optimization techniques include creating Meta Tags and Title of a website. Meta Tags include Meta Description and Meta Keywords. Meta Description must be written such that the sentence must be catchy, since it is displayed beneath the Title in search results. Meta Keywords must contain the relevant keywords of the webpage. Title should be written based on the content. Also check whether the keywords in the Title has less competition. Next is creating Alt Tags, also note that the size of the Alt Tag must be less, since increased size of image will affect the loading speed of website.

Off Page Optimization:

Off Page Optimization techniques are done outside the html page of a website. The main aim of Off Page Optimization is creating Backlinks. It is also called as Link Building. There are so many techniques available for Off Page Optimization. Some of them are Article Submission, Forum Participation, Guest Posting, Press Releases, Web Directory Submission, Blog Creation and so on.

Article Submission:

There are several Article directories available in the web. You can submit your high quality articles in those article directories having decent Domain Authority. Once the article is approved by administrators, it will go live with two backlinks that point back to your website. Some of the popular article directories having high PR include Ezine Articles, Hub Pages and so on. Also note that submitting Article in 100 low quality websites is equal to a single site having high page rank.

Forum Participation:

There are numerous Forums available in the web. Select the forums that is based on your website’s niche. Add a signature with an anchor text that points back to your website. Post reply on the threads of the forum that belongs to similar category as your website. The signature will automatically appear below each posts you reply. This signature also helps you to get some traffic back to your website.  You can also start threads in the Forum.

Guest Posting:

There are several guest blogs available in the internet. You want to search for those blogs in the Google. Once you find it, you need to contact that blogger through mail or phone. After that you can submit your high quality guest post to that blog’s admin. He will publish your post even after the quality check is passed. Also include at least two do follow links in the post.

Press Releases:

Press Releases allows you to publish your articles with backlinks pointing back to your websites. You can submit your article as a press release for publishing. There are two options available for your post to get published. One is free and another is paid. Some press release websites allow only paid submissions.

Web Directory Submissions:

Web Directory allows you to list your site in the website. There are 3 options available for most of the Web Directories. They are regular, reciprocal and paid submissions. Regular submissions are free, but it would take weeks to months to get published due to the high volume of free submissions. On the other hand, you get instantly approved within days for paid submissions. In case of reciprocal linking, you want to put the directory’s link in your website. In return, your link would be published in those directory.

Blog Creation:

Create a blog and publish articles in it that promotes your website. Share these articles in Social Media Websites like facebook, google plus, linkedin, pinterest and so on. These sharing helps in the process of back linking. More shares in social media networking sites will helps in getting more visibility in search engines.

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