KampungKapitan: Chinese Civilization in Palembang

Kampung Kapitan Palembang Is Located in Kelurahan 7 Ulu, KecamatanSeberanUlu 1, Palembang, and it is Situated upstream of the Musi River. By beneath The Ampere Bridge, you can hop on local public transport that heads to Kertapati and stops at the SimpangPasarKlinik. From here, walk to Simpang 3 where you'll find the KampungKapitan thumping on your left. But if you are confused, don't hesitate to ask the locals for directions. KampungKapitan is a collection of 15 phase homes of Chinese, Dutch and Palembang influenced architecture. Palembang uses to be a port of call for the Chinese, and til this day, you may still find many remnants of their occupancy.

Regrettably, these traces and remnants are starting to fade away gradually. Following the collapse of the Sriwijaya Kingdom, a Chinese officer of the Ming dynasty known as Captain Tjoa Ham Hin arrived in Palembang. In accordance with the Palembang Tourism site, Tjoa Ham Hin was trusted by the Dutch to oversee tax issues approximately 400 years ago. From the golden days of Tjoa Ham Hin, this region has changed its name to KampungKapitan, which is based from his nickname Kapitan or even Kapitan. Kapitan is the epithet of somebody responsible for leading the land and can be appointed to the person that has the highest financial position inside the area.

Because of his exclusive standing, Kapitan resides in another dwelling. His residence has a dominant Chinese fashion but still keeps Palembang nuances. The home still stands firm in the area now known as KampungKapitan. The roofing design adopts the touch Palembang house pyramid structure, whereas the inside and the middle part of the housing complex display a Chinese model.

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