Get The Insight of Teaching Job Opportunity In Abu Dhabi

Get The Insight of Teaching Job Opportunity In Abu Dhabi

When talking about Abu Dhabi, it is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. It lies on a T-shaped island which is extended out into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast. The rapid development and urbanization of the city have made it a wonderful place to reside. Apart from this, several industries are also growing here and generating a huge array of job opportunities in Abu Dhabi in various sectors. You can decide on a career based on your interests and educational qualification. Among all the sectors in this capital city, the education sector has the excellent opportunities to offer to the candidates who are interested in teaching.

As the Abu Dhabi Education Council has been taking major steps to develop and improve the educational system in the country. This is for the students so that they can learn the skills they need to be well-prepared to compete in a global economy. And to make this happen, there is a huge demand for the teachers. When it is about competing in the global market, English-speaking is a much-needed subject. This has increased the need for the English-speaking teachers in this city. When you are interested in getting employed in a good school in this city, you will require having essential qualifications and should be aware of the responsibilities. If you are not aware of these requirements, then you should go through the following presented details.

Qualification required for the job
To land a good teaching job, you should have a teaching certificate or equivalent degree. You should also have some teaching experience in your home country. Apart from this, you also need to be native-English speakers. If you possess all these things, then you would certainly land a good job in the capital city of UAE.

Responsibilities to carry on as a teacher 

  • You will be required to help the school understand western education methodologies, and help students and fellow educators understand the language.
  • There will be the responsibility to improve the teaching quality and overall learning environment.
  • Developing strong school leadership and encouraging parental involvement would be your responsibility.
  • You have to support students in becoming independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Some important things to know prior applying for a teaching job
  • As the English language will be new to curriculum, the proficiency will be low. So, you have to keep in mind to not expect your students or even Arab colleagues to be fluent in the particular language.
  • In the schools of Abu Dhabi, every course is conducted in Arabic. Only English, Mathematics, and Science classes are the exception.
  • Schools run from Sunday to Thursday every week.
  • Your income will be tax-free here.
How to find the good jobs in Abu Dhabi?
Well, there might be many job hunt sources to rely on. When you want to grab an excellent teaching job opportunity in Abu Dhabi, it will be a smart move to seek the help of online job portals such as Monster Gulf, Bayt, Dubizzle, and several others. So, what are you waiting for? Go online and explore a huge array of jobs!

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