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A better life and more job opportunity, as well as business opportunity, are requirements of many people. Such people prefer to get the visa of a developed country and move there in search of better life. However, everyone is not that lucky, and hence one needs to plan well, before going for the application for a visa. Various countries have defined various visa categories under which one can apply for the same. 

One needs to provide various documents that can justify his cause of moving and that too in a way that can satisfy the visa officer. For this purpose, one needs to study the process in-depth or can hire a professional visa consultant who knows the required documents and process that one needs to follow. There are different categories of visa available as far as the visa for Canada is concerned. If one wants to move to this country, he needs to go through the process and profile first.

Canada, situated in the North America continent, has developed as one of the most developing countries in the world. Its total area comprises of 9.98 million square kilometers and has become the second largest country. Canada has recorded a huge number of tourist visits in the recent past due to its incredible natural beauty. 

Tourism plays a vital role as far as the economy of Canada is concerned. Along with that, Canada records immigration of masses due to huge educational and employment opportunities. It has varied options in its service sectors which especially attracts the mass from different countries. The visa issue process has also increased due to the increase in the number of immigrants.

 How to get an Express Entry visa?

According to the express entry Canada services, you will have to appear in an examination organized by the authority of visa department. This examination aims to check whether the individual, applying for the visa of Canada, can speak English and holds the general knowledge about the country and its services. The approval of the application will solely depend on the score achieved by the individual in the examination. Your score will be judged by the Comprehensive Ranking System which will decide whether you are qualified for the Express Entry visa or not. If qualified, the individual receives an invitation, on which he can apply, if he wants to visit the country within a given period. Once the application is approved, and your profile is cross-checked, the authority will send you an invitation to visit Canada. 

How to become a permanent resident?

Under the Canada permanent resident express entry procedure, you can become a permanent resident if you have scored 67 points out of 100 in the Comprehensive Ranking System for an express entry visa. Moreover, you will have to be a member of Canada for at least five years before applying for the permanent residency. Once your permanent residency visa is approved, you will be able to stay as a citizen of Canada for infinite years officially and enjoy all the services there.

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