Top five destinations to study abroad for Indian students

There are several countries which offer the best courses to study abroad. Here are the five major destinations which offer the best universities for Indian students. So let us start:

United States of America

The USA is one of the best destinations for higher education since it has a number of good universities including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and the list goes on. There are over 4000 universities to choose from.  They offer a variety of courses including engineering and business. 

The courses over here are very flexible and offer a wide variety of courses to choose from along with the best faculty. They also offer the best techniques to conduct research. Moreover, a lot of support is given to international students who are struggling to adjust in a different environment. With the help of Best study abroad consultants in Delhi, you can find best destination for study abroad. Experiencing the campus would be a delight and an icing on the cake.

United Kingdom

The UK is another destination for the oldest and the best universities including Oxford and Cambridge.  They offer a variety of lucrative courses and also offer scholarships to foreign students. The Commonwealth, Rhodes, GREAT scholarships are few of the best scholarships that are offered.
World famous experts visit the universities to give lectures to students. Moreover, you would be able to be in touch with the English language and gain mastery over it. Around 25000 students are currently studying in the country.


Studying and living in China is very much affordable as compared to other European countries. China has 50 medical colleges and hence a lot of students opt for China to study medicine.  China also has several good top class universities for business, Engineering etc. You can also experience the diverse culture of China with its 50 diverse ethnicities.


Singapore offers a variety of top courses specifically in management which makes it one of the best countries to study management and other courses.   There are also a number of exchange students from Europe which makes it the hub of global education. Singapore also a bilingual education policy and incorporates Tamil Mandarin into its teaching.

This country is the closest to India as compared to other countries and also has a 10% Indian population over there. Therefore the student would definitely feel at home over there.  A number of south-east Asian countries are in close proximity and hence traveling to various countries would also be fun.


Germany is a country which has a very low cost of living and offers around 450 universities to choose from along with 17,500 programmes to obtain a degree.  It is not even essential to learn German to study there.  Most courses offer English as a medium for studies. Moreover, scholarships such as DAAD are available for international students. Germany is also a beautiful country and one can experience the culture of Germany while staying there.

Explore and select the best country for study abroad. You can visit this link for getting suggestion from consultant.

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