How Can You Check PNB Home Loan Eligibility Online

Punjab National Bank housing finance company (PNBHFL) is among the most promising home loan providers in the Indian market. The customer reachability of the company is unbeatable and so is its product.

A home loan from this company can fetch many benefits such as higher loan amount with flexible tenure option. The rate of interest is, however, fixed for first 2 or 3 years and then is available on the floating rate. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for a housing loan at PNB HFL if they match the eligibility criteria. In this article, we have mentioned the simple way to check your eligibility for a home loan. We have covered both - general eligibility and the one where the loan amount is calculated.

PNB Home Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate for salaried people ranges from 8.40-8.99% per annum which is one of the lowest rates.

Who can apply for Unnati Home Loans at PNB HFL?

       An individual with any Professional Degree/Diploma/Post-Graduate Degree/ITI etc.
       An employee of local and stable business entity like Petrol Pump, Restaurant, Jewellery shops, Garments shop etc. The employer’s business can be a proprietorship/partnership/private limited/limited company/trust etc.
       An individual who is earning a fixed minimum income of ₹10,000 per month. This is valid for combined income also in case there is a co-applicant.
       Your age at the time of loan maturity should not be more than 70 years if you are a salaried employee and not more than 65 years if you are a self-employed professional/non-professional

How can you calculate your home loan eligibility?

The calculator is used to check the maximum loan amount a person can get on a home loan. For instance, if your monthly saving is ₹50,000 and you are looking for a home loan, here is how much you can get:

Amount: ₹1 lakh
Loan Tenure: 30 years
Rate of Interest: 8.30%
Your per lakh EMI will be: ₹755
Maximum loan amount = (₹1,00,000 X 50,000) / ₹755 = ₹66,22,516 (approx.)

You can check it for the interest rate offered to you by the housing finance company.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

This calculator takes into account the loan amount, interest rate and the tenure and on the basis of which it tells the details of EMI, Total Interest Outgo and Total Amount (Interest+Principal). For example, if you are taking a home loan of ₹20 lakhs for the tenure of 20 years at the interest rate of 8.35% p.a. Your payment details will be as follows:

EMI- ₹17,167
Total Interest Outgo- ₹21,20,094
Total Amount (Interest+Principal)- ₹21,20,094

Just like a eligibility calculator, there is a loan EMI calculator which tells you the monthly installment on your loan. Doing so helps in knowing whether PNB home loan eligibility match is enough for your or not. So, make sure you use both calculators before you plan to apply for a housing loan since it may continue up to 30 years. 
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