How can Inbound Call Centres Reduce Hold Time for Better Business Productivity?

How can Inbound Call Centres Reduce Hold Time for Better Business Productivity

For a successful business, it is very important to render quick services to customers. That’s why BPO firms get approached as they can easily meet customer’s expectations owing to vast experience, latest technology, etc. But sometimes customers get frustrated when they don’t get connected to the agents after a short period of time. Around 34% people don’t call back once they are done with waiting and this somewhere leads to negative feedbacks & poor productivity. Therefore, most of the BPOs push their limits to reduce average hold time.

For those who don’t know, average hold time is the duration in which customers wait in a queue to get connected with the agents regarding reliable solutions. Long hold time increases the customer attrition rate whereas short hold time ensures better retention level. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that somewhere business productivity depends on the average hold time.
If you are an owner of a BPO firm and want to reduce average hold time for better business productivity, following points will give you a better idea:

  • Update call routing system

There are many reputed inbound call centres that keep their call routing system updated so that customers can avail quick solution from the agents within a short span of time. To reduce hold time, it is advisable for you to use automation technology because common issues that include checking an account balance, tracking a package, resetting a password, etc. usually kill agent’s precious time. For reliable results, you can ask your agents to make notes on common issuesso that you can add new menu options into your automated system.

  • Be strategic in staffing

It is true that you need more agents to manage a high volume of calls. But it doesn’t mean that every time you need to hire more agents. All you need to do is schedule your staff in such a way that can help in delivering the swift resolutions during the busiest hours. To reduce hold time, just check your inbound call centre data to identify when highest volume periods occur and then manage your agent’s schedule accordingly.

  • Performance scores

Usually, most of the reputed inbound call centres give performance scores on the weekly or monthly basis to their agents. These results encourage those agents who got less score as compared to their colleagues. This thing not only keeps the hold time in check but also boosts business’s productivity.

  • Modify your call scripts

Both outbound & inbound call centres provide call scripts that help the agents in delivering top-notch solutions in no time to customers. Interactions between agents and customers have always been one of the main reasons behind high average hold time. Therefore, it is always suggested to check call recording logs, especially long ones to find out how many changes should be made while updating call scripts. Sometimes, agents don’t use call scripts while assisting customers due to some reasons and this leads to a long conversation which means high hold time. So, always ensure that your agents use updated scripts during the calls.

  • Monitor your agent’s performance

If you are running a call centre, it is obvious that you have some trustworthy agents who always bring the best results for you. But it is very necessary to monitor your agent’s performance to check whether they are utilising their time for the expected purpose or not. There are many equipment and software which can help you in monitoring live calls. In addition to this, you can know about the reason behind large hold time issues.    

  • Make use of queue callback

To enhance customer’s experience, many inbound call centres use queue callbackfeature so that customers don’t have to wait for a longer period of time to get connected with the agents.With the help of this feature, customers get the call from the company’s end whenever an agent is available. This thing not only reduces average hold time but also increases CSAT score.

  • Give your agents authority to make a quick decision

Sometimes agents have to transfer calls to managers so that customers can get reliable solution regarding complex issues. But this not only leads to the wastage of time but also increases average hold time. So, it is advisable for you to empower your agents to make certain decisions to resolve complicated issues without any need of approval from management. This will show that you are confident about your staff’s ability and this can motivate all the agents to bring better results.

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