Factors to consider while choosing the perfect outdoor lightings

Lighting, it is much more than a term now as there is almost no place where lights are not used to attract the attention of others. The common use of the same is in the event of celebration and festivals when people use various types of lights with various colors and styles. There are various lights used for this purpose by the users which include lights such as LED, floodlight, spotlight and common lights. The outdoor lightings are as important as the indoor ones. During the night it is essential to keep the outside of your house, office or park illuminated. The outdoor spaces need lighting at night also because of security reasons apart from visibility. Summers might be the right time for installing attractive solar lamps and light strings; you also need good flood light installed during other seasons for added safety and security.

There is a variety of commercial exterior led lighting fixtures available in the market, but one needs to consider several factors before choosing the correct floodlight. Here’s a look:

1.      Location

Before you start looking for the right kind of outdoor lighting fixtures, first analyze where you will install the lights, especially the area where you the lights need to be installed. The angle and height at which the lights are installed can make a huge difference in how it illuminates the space. There might be a certain obstacle like windows, doors, and drainpipes for installing the lights. Thus, decide the right spot and when you are done with it, get an idea of the size of the light.

2.      Outdoor floodlight activation

With advancement in technology, the floodlights have become more and more sophisticated in the way how they are activated. In addition to the usual on/off switch which manually activates the light, now, one can find lights with motion sensors which will illuminate themselves as and when someone passes from the range of the sensor. The dusk and dawn floodlights switch on when the ambient lights fall to a certain level and switch off again when the sun rises in the morning.
3.      Choosing the right brightness

The Commercial ledlight fittings come in a wide array of brightness outputs; more than any other type of lights. There are floodlights with output between 700 to 20000 lumens. Which light to choose depends on the area you need to lighten up. If you are looking for covering a huge area, obviously you need high-power floodlights. There is no set rule for picking the brightness of the floodlight. It all depends on your individual requirement.

4.      Upgrade to LED lights

Usually, all the outdoor floodlights have halogen bulbs which save as much as 20 to 30% of the energy in comparison to the older bulbs. However, they are nowhere near to the potential of LED lights in saving the energy. One of the biggest advantages of LED lights is their lifespan. The halogen light lasts only for 2000 hours but, the LED lasts for 30000 hours or more.

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