Experience the Thrill of Pench National Park with Deccan Odyssey

Experience the Thrill of Pench National Park with Deccan Odyssey

Now Deccan Odyssey is just not going to give you a vibe of the grand life of the Indian monarchs but also will offer you the thrill to be a part of the Indian jungles. The train comes with a special  package known as Maharashtra Wild Trail. This is a 7 nights and 8 days trip in which the train visits Ramtek (Pench National Park) on the 4th day.

Pench National Park

The park is located at the Nagpur district of Maharashtra and spreads over a massive land of 758 sq. kms.
  • The prime attraction of the forest is its tigers. Tigers linger at the dense jungles of Pench, sometimes searching for food and sometimes relaxing under the shades of large trees or at the edge of roads.
  • There are different species of deer found at this jungle; cheetal, sambar, barking deer, chousingha or four horned deer, chinkara or the Indian Gazelle are to name a few.
  • Gaur or Indian Bisons, nilgai, wild dogs, wolves, sloth bears, small Indian civets, palm civets, jungle cats, porcupines, hyena are the other wildlife residing at Pench.
  • The tension of the forests are relieved by the birds of the National Park. There are almost 285 species of local and migratory birds residing at Pench; Brahmini duck, Pochards,Barheaded geese, Coots to name a few.
  • The flora of this jungle is also worth mentioning. Most of the trees here are Sal, which is good quality timber and Teeminalia or Crocodile Bark as per local language. The yellow flowers of Amaltas and the bright orange coloured Palas flowers decorate the forest while the the sweet aroma of ripe mangoes and mahuwa creates a mesmerising environment.

Deccan Odyssey just do not take you to the Pench National Park but also arranges for safari rides.

The entry and exit timings are


7:30 am to 10:30 am (winter)
6:30 am to 9:30 am (summer)


15:00pm to 17:30 pm (winter)
16:00pm to 18:30 pm (summer)

Other Activities

After lunch guests are taken to the nature interpretation centre, “Tiger Tale” where they can know more about the local flora and fauna.

Why Deccan Odyssey?

While you can reach Pench in several ways, Deccan Odyssey train is the most comfortable way to visit this wildlife abode. This is a luxury train from the Indian Railways,  inspired by the grandeur of Deccan and equipped with exquisite amenities.

Some of the awe inspiring features of the train are

  • 21 air conditioned suites with large beds and attached bathrooms.
  • Free internal, newspapers, magazines and television set.
  • Multi cuisine dining cars with plush d├ęcor.
  • Well stocked bar and lounge with comfortable seating arrangements.
  • High tech business centre with video conferencing equipment.
  • SPA and massage parlour with a soothing ambience.
  • 6 well planned itineraries to choose and explore India.

So, book the Deccan Odyssey train and embark on a journey on luxury train this summer to watch the grand tigers walk in front on your jeeps in their natural mood.
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