Why is Domain Authority so important?

The Domain Authority (DA) of a website is a measure of a websites performance in search engine results. It is based on a variety of factors including keywords, internal and external links and the bounce and conversion rates of the site amongst a range of others – something that an SEO company in Australia works closely with.

Having a strong Domain Authority is going to mean that your site will rank well amongst other similar sites or when people search for a related keyword. An SEO company in Australia is able to help with these sorts of optimisation methods to ensure your site performs at its best.
What is Domain Authority?

As touched on above, it is a score that ranks your website and its ability to perform on search engine results pages and hence get traffic to your site. That isn’t to say that Domain Authority is the be all and end all but it is important.

Having a quality SEO company in Australia onside to help with your links and keywords amongst other things is going to be beneficial in improving your websites Domain Authority.

DA is calculated using link root domains, a number of Moz-developed scores and the total number of links. This is then used by an SEO company in Australia to see where the site will rank and what needs to be improved.

Essentially it provides a strong overall score as to the strength of a websites ability to rank in the results pages. If you choose to use the certified SEO company based in Sydney then they will attempt to strengthen your Domain Authority.

How is it scored?

The scoring system is done logarithmically and is essentially a score of popularity. More popular websites have more links and are more regularly used so these links lead to stronger pages and the website is also receiving more traffic.

As a result of this, it is much easier to improve your DA score from 1-20 than it is to improve it from 80-90. Having an SEO company in Australia at your side is going to be necessary when improving in the higher score ranges.

Why is it important?

The most obvious answer to this question is that the DA score your website receives is a strong indicator of how well the site will rank on search engine results pages. How well you rank on these pages determines whether or not people will visit your site and the number of people who do so. 

Additionally, it is also extremely helpful in determining how competitive the site is compared to other companies within the industry. Large websites like Wikipedia and Google are going to have really strong scores but as a small business it isn’t worth comparing to them.

It is beneficial in identifying areas for improvement from an SEO point of view and this is why an SEO company in Australia is so helpful as they will quickly identify these areas.

Whilst it has a strong focus on links, links are a great indicator of the reliability of your site. A website with lots of strong and powerful links is going to be more trustworthy and thus rank higher. As a result it is almost a multiplying effect as you move up the DA score. However, because it does become so competitive patience is required.

Why is an SEO company in Australia so helpful?

Having an SEO company in Australia constantly watching over your websites results and performance ensures that it is always receiving constant improvements. SEO is a process that requires regular attention so having an SEO company in Australia build your website with strong links and regularly attend to it is going to help the site move up the rankings more quickly.

Onn top of the constant improvements, an SEO company in Australia will be able to build all of the other parts of your businesses website helping it to improve its performance more quickly from a holistic point of view.
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