What a knee surgery is all about

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The preparation phase of the surgery
  • If you are into smoking you should cut down on it. Smoking slows down the recovery process due to change in blood patterns
  • If you drink , refrain it before 48 hours of the surgery
  • Just ask the doctor about the type of pre surgical exercises that are recommended. If you are going to have a knee replacement surgery then your upper body needs to be strengthened as you would need to be walking with a walker
  • A general medical evaluation is going to be conducted a couple of weeks before the surgery. This examination is going to examine the health along with the risk of anaesthesia. All the results of this examination would be forwarded to an orthopaedic surgeon, and a surgical clearance will be provided.
  • Before the date of the surgery, an orthopaedic examination is going to be conducted along with a form of last minute questions that is posed.
  • You would need to be part of several tests such as blood , X ray or urine tests
  • You should discuss with your surgeon any medications that you have and any form of medications which you are taking. Sometimes the surgeon is going to ask you to stop medications or may prescribe some alternative medicines as well.

Post-operative care after surgery
  • In normal cases after the first date of the surgery, you are going to work with a physical therapist who are going to teach your exercises in order to gain the lost movement of your knees along with legs
  • During the course of hospital stay you are going to be part of physical therapy one or two times a day. A nurse discharge planner is going to help you on how to recover after a surgery
  • The doctor is going to suggest a CPM machine that straightens and bends your knees.
  • In fact special elastic stockings may be provided so as to reduce swelling.
The recovery phase of the surgery
  • It needs to be understood that the recovery phase tends to vary from an individual to another. More often than not you are going to need 4 weeks in order to recover after the surgery. By 4 weeks you will be in a position to drive a car
  • People are known to gradual increase their scope of activities and may play golf or intense sports activities in around 12 weeks. Though more active form of sports like tennis is not recommended.
  • Once you are discharged there is no need to head to a nursing home. In case of patients who are alone they might require a short stay at the hospital to be part of rehab procedures. It all depends on the rate of progress in the hospital. Just be aware about the fact that healing and recovery process tends to vary in each individual.
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