Top Things To Do In Napier

Did somebody say wine? Is it “wine-o-clock” where you live? If it isn’t, you need to start booking flights to visit an amazing place located in New Zealand. Napier is New Zealand’s version of Napa Valley—or something of the sort and is worth seeing when renting a motorhome hire New Zealand.

 Yet wine isn’t the only thing to “do” while in Napier. It’s a gorgeous area with plenty to see and do. As you start preparing, consider incorporating the following activities and experiences into your plan:

Admire the art deco architecture. Yes, really, it’s something that you’ll want to do when visiting Napier. Considered to be the Art Deco capital of the world, it’s a fascinating place to visit for those who love anything pertaining to buildings and their history. The architectural change came about from an earthquake that happened in 1931 which crumbled many buildings. The rebuilding of the city saw the arrival of Art Deco buildings that still stand to this day. If you’re a fan of architecture and would love to be in a place with art deco style construction all over the place, this is the place for you.

· Visit Otatara Pa. Otatara Pa is a Maori fortified village. It’s a great place to see some of the original sites and dwellings of the Maori people while also enjoying some incredible views of the area. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to observe the Mount Ruapehu in the distance. For many a traveler to New Zealand, visiting Maori villages or sites is an important part of the trip. If it’s your first time in the country, it’s a great way to get to know more about the history of this beautiful country. For a genuine Maori experience while visiting Napier in a motorhome hire New Zealand, go to Otatara Pa.

· Check out Cape Kidnappers. There you’ll find the views of cliffs, beach, and ocean to be breathtaking. It’s also a historical spot that was visited by Captain Cook in 1769. Just make sure to bring along a hat if you don’t want to be used as a toilet for the many gannet birds that live around these parts.

Take pictures at Bluff Hill: If you want to get some great shots of Napier, go on and take a hike to Bluff Hill. The lookout at the top will provide you with great views of nature and city blending together for the perfect panoramic shot. Plus, it will get your heart pumping, which is always a positive after spending hours on the road traveling. And, you’ll get great shots to show off to your friends back home.

· If you’re into it, visit the country’s oldest prison. Napier Prison is the oldest prison in New Zealand. You can learn a lot about the history of this prison built in 1862 and about some of it’s famous inmates. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but if prisons are your thing, it’s definitely one that you will want to see.

· So, back to the wine. As we mentioned above, Napier is well-known for its wine. It’s one of the most-visited places in New Zealand when it comes to wine tourists. With Hawke’s Bay as the setting for more than 100 vineyards, you can be sure that there is plenty wine to try and plenty of wineries to visit. Don’t hold back; it’s not every day that you’re in New Zealand or in Napier.

· Go swimming. Because yes, there are places to swim in this area of New Zealand. While some areas may have some rough waves and you’ll want to be aware of where not to go, in the beaches and swimming holes that you can visit, you can be sure that you’ll be graced with some charming places to cool off at.

· Go whitewater rafting. While you’re in the area, why not do something adventurous? You may like the idea of a tour down the river with Mohaka Rafting. Okay, so it will be anything but leisurely, but if you’re in the mood for an exciting adventure, this is the option for you. There are different tours for different levels, so if you’re new at the whole wild water rafting, there will be opportunity for you to try out this exciting experience.

The above activities and places to see are just a few to get you started. Napier is located in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations. If you’re a fan of wine, beaches, and culture, you’ll love Napier. It has all the right components to make your trip a relaxing and unforgettable one.

If you’re visiting in a motorhome hire New Zealand, you don’t have to be restricted to only one place. You can visit Napier and its surrounding areas and always have a place to stay.
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