Start-ups Offering Food Delivery in Train in India

Start-ups Offering Food Delivery in Train in India

Within the last few years, a new innovation has revolutionized the industry and there has been emergence of few online start-ups considered as a reform of food meals and food delivery in train in India. People prefer highly to do order from them and this is also true that neither of them have actually expected at any point of time to get our desired and preferable meals delivered from an external vendor and that too right at the seat berth in the running train. 
This is also true that there were always concerns hanging with the quality, hygiene and freshness of the food that was earlier got by the travellers in the train. Even, people reported that they fall ill because of the bad quality of food they got in the trains and that is indeed one of the primary reasons that there has been introduction of these start ups focusing on proffering food delivery in train, taking care of all the aspects from quality to hygiene to cleanliness to costing of the same.

Few of the entrepreneurs have actually made it happen and there has been foundation of these online platforms, portals and websites having menu available there focusing on delivering food meals and orders in accord to the travel schedule and itinerary of travellers. It literally refers to the fact that people can get anything they desire, irrespective of being in vegetarian or in non vegetarian, South Indian or North Indian, Continental or Italian or else, they can get delivery of the same from the famous food joint of the place and get it delivered at any of the preferable station where the train stops by. These firms have been founded on the basis of some ground rules and services like better food quality; nominal pricing of meals, easy to order and even cancellation, systematic booking and more and that actually makes them a huge hit among passengers in trains.

Indian Railways catering sector has always been like a topic of discussion among people and there were many concerns when it comes to food variety, quality and the ingredients with which it is prepared of. The online marketplace of getting food delivery in train is been gaining immense popularity and quick attention among passengers and travellers coming from each nook and corner of the world although it is in budding phase but is picking up quick enough supposed to be covering all stations spread all over the country. Want to know about leading platforms that could really turn your travel pleasing and content by getting you delivered with your favourite meals at your seat? Travel Khana is one of them and if you are going to travel this time in train, make sure to opt for the food delivery services and turn your travel into a really happy and memorable one.

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