Skin Problems Arising During the Period of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is that time where a lot of physical changes tend to take place. It has to be stated that the skin does not happen to be immune from any of these effects as well. Dark spots on the nipples or the breast is common and all the major changes could be attributed to hormonal changes.Pain medication while pregnant is going to provide you relief, but you need to detect it at the earliest.

Let us now analyse some of the key pointers with regards to skin conditions during the course of pregnancy.

§  Once the levels of melanin tends to increase dark spots or patches emerge
§  This is in spite of the fact that if you have a clear skin you can have acne during pregnancy.

Stretch marks

Pregnant women have a strong relation with stretch marks. It is a common sight to come across stretch marks across the thighs, abdomen or the breast. It tends to emerge in the form of reddish purple in colour and then goes on to have a silver appearance. Though after a certain point of time they are going to fade, but for sure they will not resolve.

Skin tags

The presence of skin tags on the back, groin or the chest is common during pregnancy. In fact there is no need to worry about it as this is not malignant in nature.


This could start off or worsen during the period of pregnancy. Numerous ways could be adopted in order to cure it and this would point to prescription or non-prescription drugs and before you are planning to use them it is suggested that you discuss with your health care provider. Pregnancy skin disorders medication is bound to provide you with a degree of relief as well.

Do not forget generally cleaning practices like washing your face with water and apply a cleaning solution at least a couple of times during the day. Do not pluck your pimples and stay away from oil free cosmetic products as well. When you are pregnant you could go on to use some over the counter products as well. Having said so, a lot of the products are not safe to be used during pregnancy as well.

Vein changes

Conferred the tag of spider veins they appear red in colour and it tends to appear on the face, neck or the chest. One of the main reasons why it tends to occur is due to the hormonal changes and they are also enlarged veins which tend to arise because of increase in weight. They are found all the more in the postpartum period. In order to reduce the symptoms of the same, you could resort to

§  Do not stand or sit for prolonged periods of time.
§  The legs should not be uncrossed when you are sitting for long periods of time.
§  The legs need to be elevated as far as possible.
§  Undertake exercise on a regular basis.

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