Salvage Car Dealers Share Business Secrets for Maximizing Your Return While Selling Cars for Scrap

If you are planning to sell salvaged cars you need to know the options available to you and follow the secrets shared by the leaders in the business today. This would be helping you in maximizing your payout and finding the top option for you.

Top Secret: For Scrap Dealers, Weight Is Vital

If you get in touch with a “cash for car” firm, you would be receiving a quote for your salvaged vehicle based primarily on the weight of the scrap as against the value of the accessories or parts. When you call your nearest auto salvage yard, it is quite likely that they would not be paying any extra cash to you only because your car seems to still have a brand new transmission or a really expensive stereo system. This certainly does not rule out the existence of a lot of demand for spare parts. The fact remains that certain reputed online-based auto salvage yards are certainly more interested in your car’s scrap metal value and not the value of the components of your car.

Secret No.2: You Could Make Money by Selling Parts

If you are thinking about scrapping the salvaged car on your own you need to remove everything from the car that is not made of metal. You would require flushing out all the fluids, extract the engine, take out the wires, and you must take out the car seats too. Extracting all the car parts and then selling them could be pretty profitable as compared to selling to a junkyard. However, it is quite a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. If you are not having immediate purchasers for parts, it is essential to store these parts safely. Another important factor would be the need to do ample research about the value of all the parts or components of your car. You need to know the approximate worth of the specific parts so that when these parts are put up for sale, you could understand exactly what would be your profit range.

Secret No.3: Selling Your Salvaged Car to the Salvage Yard Is the Best but Not the Most Profitable Option

As with everything, you would be finding that selling your car to the salvage yard has some pros and cons. The salvage yards would be giving you value for your scrap metal only and they would not bother about the value of the parts or the components of the car. Scrapping the salvaged car on your own could be quite profitable. The actual advantage of junking your vehicle to an auto salvaged yard is that actually, they would be picking up your car free of any charges, you would be paid on the spot by the salvage yard people and all relevant paperwork would be done by them. Get in touch with a reputable company such as Ideal Auto USA for perfect solutions.

Secret No. 4: A Car’s Year & Model Really Matter

There are numerous car models which did not undergo several changes from one year to another. So plenty of parts are still available that implies that the salvage yard value of your vehicle would not be the same as another make and model. We do not mean to say that there seems to be absolutely no value in junking vehicles that were popular and mass produced. You simply need to appreciate that if you want to make some good money by selling your car parts, you need to do some shopping around for the right price. You may find that Yard A would not show any interest in buying your salvaged vehicle while Yard B would be too keen to buy it.


We have shared some business secrets so that you are able to get the best deals. Another important secret to share with our readers is the fact that your payout would be depending on your location. Different salvage yards are interested in different vehicles for scrap value or for refurbishing, or for reselling and restoration value. Some salvage yards would be too happy to pay you a lot more if you drive and deposit your vehicle to their premises.
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