Professional Certifications and Their Credibility: How to Asses

Do you want to opt for any professional certification that will rightly validate your expertise? It’s not as easy as it sounds, as such assessment is mainly based on the combination of the assessment of skills, experience, a reference check, and training. Even still, that all such criteria may not ensure that professional certifications you are targeting are up to par.

For example, the skills assessment refers to a questionnaire. Now, if the certification program provides a questionnaire that anyone is able to complete if its training program is irrelevant and not updated and if the experience is unverifiable, the certification program will not worth your while.

So, what’s the best possible method to evaluate the validity of any certification program? An effective evaluation measure of the certification program is to check its pass rate. Believe it or not, it is true that the higher the pass rate of a certification program is, the higher the possibility of the certification body is to fall under “less than credible’ category.

Finding general reputation of a credentialing body is another good way to gauge the value of the certification you’re looking for. The Internet is undoubtedly the right place to look for. Besides, you can personally contact people certified by the certification bodies you’re targeting to gain some insights into the institute, its reputation, and other things.

Don’t ignore any small organization providing certification programs. Studies proved that many small organizations providing certification programs that are being preferred by professionals. So, such certification programs will help you grow professionally, too. Experts suggest that certification aspirants should give importance to the credibility and quality of a credentialing company instead of their names.

Once you sort out the credentialing bodies, the next thing to do is to evaluate which of the certification credentialing programs are preferred by your peers. Go a step ahead and talk to your industry practitioners to find out some valuable information.

Highly valuable certifications and the ones identified as “worthless” are mostly well-known among particular industry practitioners. So, certifications having a higher acceptance rate among employers, practitioners, and customers increase ROI (return on investment) and will lessen your scope of opting for a worthless certification that will do more harm than any good to your career.

Certifications validate your professional excellence but it has a strict time limitation. With every possible field evolving rapidly, the lifecycle of every certification has a limited time span. So, while assessing the credibility of various professional certification programs, you must consider the re-certification option as well.

Yes, recertification is an important part to consider as it will keep your certification, skills and knowledge updated. Many institutes provide only certification programs but no recertification program. Opting for any certification program from such an institute may not be effective in the long run. So, you must consider the recertification option while looking for a certification program. It will definitely future-proof your career.

So, if career enhancement is your prime focus in 2017, it’s time to give professional certifications and credentialing a serious thought. Start looking for the certification bodies working in your field and ride high on a thriving career.

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