Pipes and Bongs of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

 If you’re somebody that prefers to smoke with the company of friends and you find yourself inviting those friends over to your place more often than not, chances are you’ve already started to pick up a glass piece here and there with the thought of impressing your buds. There’s no shame in that at all, who wouldn’t want a sick collection of creative glass designs to show off to their inner circle? Plus you get the satisfaction of seeing everybody having an exciting, fun sesh with cool and interesting designs that they relate to and connect with.

When it comes to buying pipes and bongs that resemble your favorite cartoon characters, you’ll usually have to turn to online stores unless you have some seriously cool head shops in your local area. If you do have to buy online though, you want to stay away from shady websites and make sure to look up reviews of any store you’re interested in. Brotherswithglass.com for example offers some really cool pipes in the likeness of characters such as the cheshire cat, or Rick from Rick and Morty, and at really low prices too. But, one quick google and I found a reddit post about a contest winner never receiving his pipe and having trouble communicating with customer service. Choose wisely!

Smokecartel.com has been around for a long time in this business and can more likely devote more attention and care to customer service issues, and they have a reputation they need to and do uphold with the quality of their glass. You can find crazy pipes and bongs in their store of all sorts of things inspired by pop-culture. From a little bomb-omb shaped pipe from the Super Mario games, to a dab rig in the shape and color of a sriracha hot sauce bottle, any collector could find something awesome to pick up here. Watch out though, prices are definitely a bit higher than anything you’ll find on websites of smaller businesses, so be prepared to do some extra digging and searching if you’re on a bit of a budget. 

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