How Paytm QR Scanner Works

How Paytm QR Scanner Works

Paytm is the most popular platforms nowadays to make digital payments. It lets you pay your bills to any grocery stores, cab driver, offline or online stores. It also helps you transfer money from one bank account to other with utmost ease, thanks to its QR Scanner. Before understanding how QR scanner works, let us first understand what a QR Code is.

A QR code can be understood as a 2D barcode that includes a lot of information about any product, service or transaction. By using QR scanner, anyone can scan and read a QR Code and hence can send and receive money using Paytm Wallets.

Paytm QR Scanner works in three different cases based on your specific requirements-
  1. Request Money when sender mentions the amount
  • Each Paytm account includes its own QR Code and you can find that on your Paytm app quite easily. You need to go to Profile and then QR Code Icon
  • In case you run a business, you should print this QR code and place it in your store so your customers can scan it via QR Scanner and pay you the bill using their Paytm app
  • In this step, your customer would mention the payable amount and send money to your Paytm account. Once the transaction gets completed, you will find an SMS notification about the same
  1. Request Money when receiver mentions the amount
  • In case you want to mention the exact amount that you ought to receive in your Paytm wallet then first you need to click on Request
  • Then you should click on QR Code Icon in the Mobile Number Field
  • Now you can enter the amount that you consider accurate for the transaction
  • Finally, you need to click on Generate QR Code
  • This will let Paytm generate a QR Code for you that you should share with your payer and accordingly he or she will make payment in your Paytm account
  1. Send Money to other’s accounts
  • To send money via Paytm QR Scanner, you need to click on Pay or Send
  • The next tab that pops up will give you the Scan Code option
  • Here you need to scan the Paytm QR Code of your recipients using your Paytm QR Scanner
  • Finally, you should enter the amount and click Send to complete the transaction
The benefits of using Paytm QR Scanner are awesome. It lets you make payments in the easiest possible manner. The whole process is highly interactive and very safe. You will be spared from all kinds of cash dealings that will remove the cash change issues. Making payments via OR codes are contactless that make them more secure compared to the payments using Credit Cards or Debit cards. 

To start with Paytm QR Scanner, you only need to install the Paytm app and follow some of the straightforward steps to receive or send payments via Paytm QR codes. The process is so simple, secure and greatly beneficial.

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