How can Call Centres Become more Productive?

How can Call Centres Become more Productive?

As we know that, call centres have always been one of the strongest pillars of their client’s success. By the time, profit levels of BPO industry reach to the new heights and that leads to the neck to neck competition among all the call centre companies. Of course, no one can question the productivity or output of these firms but it would not be wrong to say that they are yet to achieve 100%.

It is obvious that companies will be attracted towards BPOs that offer the best services and better result. So, if you are an owner of a call centre in UK and want to increase the productivity of your firm, following points will definitely help you out:

Offer remote work facility

To increase the productivity of your employees, you should offer the remote work facilities. Because many studies revealed that agents can generate better results if they do their work from their comfort zone. So, it is advisable for you to allow your top agents to do their work from home in a week so that they can become more productive.

Rewards program

Giving rewards is the other best way to increase the productivity of the employees. There are many call centres in UK that offer high incentives to their agents when they achieve the performance targets. Employees compete with each other by putting more and more efforts to win the prizes that include the employee of the month, team lunch, bonuses, etc. And, this dedication will lead to better results for sure.

Use of predictive diallers

Use of predictive diallers is the other best option that can help the call centres in increasing their productivity because they help in targeting the interested or potential customers only. On the contrary, making calls manually always waste a lot of efforts and time which affect the output of any company.

Make appropriate shift patterns

Offering round the clock services is one of the strongest virtues of BPO sector. That’s the main reason why employees are supposed to work according to their shift. Sometimes, employees want to work in different shifts due to some reasons. Of course, making appropriate shift pattern for every employee seems not possible but if you make some suitable changes for those agents who have genuine problems, it will show that you and your company really care about them and that will motivate them to put more efforts for better productivity.

Performance scores

Performance Scores of employees are not only important for management but also for the staff. It helps the workers to correct their mistake so that they can generate better results. Many firms send weekly work reports to their staffs so that every employee can see where they are making mistakes, what they are supposed to change, how their colleagues are performing, etc. and this information helps them while rectifying the errors. Apart from that, seeing their contemporaries’ scores can also motivate them to improve their ranking.

Allow agents to take short breaks

Handling numerous customers in a day is a stressful task for the agents. When the pressure level reaches the certain point, it will lead to poor productivity, less job satisfaction, and much more. So, it is always advisable for BPO company’s owners to allow their agents to take short breaks so that they can eat something or talk to their loved ones and that leads to a reduction in their stress levels which makes them feel fresh. After that, agents will complete their work with more willpower and that leads to better outcome.

Make better work environment

If you are an owner of a leading call centre in UK or US, you should know that how much work environment is important for the agents. There are many firms that conduct small fun activities during the working hours so that every employee enjoys their work. It not only improves the agent’s retention rate but also attracts new employees towards your company and that leads to an improved rate of productivity.    

Be ready for the experiment

Being an owner of a company, you should always be ready for the experiment and that means investing in new technology, making suitable changes after the short period of time, implementation of new tactics etc. So, always keep one thing in your mind, don’t hesitate while trying something new because it is the only way to get the desired results. 

Wrapping up:

Above-mentioned key points shed some light on how can call centres increase their productivity. If you have any questions for us or want to tell us other important points regarding the same, please make use of our comment section.

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