Different Problems Associated with Pregnancy

Problems and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and diseases goes hand in hand. Every pregnancy period is surrounded by thousands of problems. These problems occurs due to the delicate nature of the body. The body of a woman becomes very delicate due to huge surge of hormones. These hormones cause a tremendous amount of dis-balance in the body of the woman. High level of progesterone causes a lot of malfunctions. It becomes very challenging for a young mother to be very careful and safe in this period. Different problems appears during this time. 

Out of those respiratory problem is one of the most common problem that is reported. Although the oxygen consumption in the women’s body during pregnancy increases by about 20%, in spite of that every pregnant in their gestation phase at any moment faces this problem of respiration. Research suggests that these respiratory trouble is largely due to the physiological changes that happens in the body of a woman, during the carrying phase.

Physiological changes during Pregnancy

During pregnancy the uterus of the lady becomes gravid due to the presence of the growing baby. As a result of this growth the diaphragm present in the woman’s body gets constricted. As a result the functional capacity of the intake of air of the woman decreases due to the constricted dynamicity in the diaphragm. Also due to the over production of hormones and also due to the gravid uterus some alterations happens in the thoracic space that adds up further to the respiratory problem. Another common respiratory problem seen during pregnancy is Asthma. 

Bronchial asthma is very much common and most reported pulmonary problem that happens during pregnancy. At about 7% of the lady’s in their gestation stage experience this problem. Asthma can be chronic also having a familial history. Respiratory infections are also very common in this phase. Pollen, dust particles, animals acts as the stimuli that deteriorates the scenario of infection. This respiratory problem if aggravates can cause serious problem like restriction in fetal growth, complicated labor, low birthweight, hypertension, pre-eclampsia, vaginal bleeding, neonatal hypoxia, hyperemesis etc.

Treatment of respiratory infection

Respiratory infection medicine during pregnancy are widely used by the patients on the prescription of experienced doctors. However it is always suggested to continue the medication with a full course as prescribed by the doctors. Drugs like corticosteroid that are also used in the non-pregnant condition can also be used in the pregnant condition too with an optimum dosage. And it is highly suggested to go have a caesarian section during pregnancy for the woman that have an acute respiratory problem.

Ultra Sound Technique to visualize a baby

It is a very happy moment for every parent to see their baby for the first time, listen the sound of the heart etc. This is very much possible before delivery also. Ultra-Sound system is used for the above purpose. Fetal ultrasound used soundwaves for the viewing and listening of the baby dwelling inside the mother’s womb.


By viewing the baby in its fetal condition can be very much useful for the detection of its heart rate, growth characteristics etc. that can prevent the problem that can take place in the future. Thus step by step baby growth during pregnancy video is very much possible with the advent technology. 
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