Time Taken For Achieving SEO Success

One of the most vexing questions regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is posed is, “How long will it take?” The main reason is that apart from evaluating various variables, which determine optimization of the website, you have to consider the same and other variables in the optimization efforts of your competitor. This adds many complications to answering the same question.

Generally, it is impossible to provide a specific time frame for results of SEO. There is also no secret formula for SEO success. At the same time, SEO does not completely depend on guesswork. The fact is how long it takes, amounts to analysis of many variables for sake of your website in comparison to similar variables for websites of competitors. Outsourcing Technologies is a digital marketing firm which considers the various variables for SEO success.
There exist three particular criteria, which play a crucial role in how long it will take for SEO to rank the website: Content, Inbound links as well as Competition. Here are the details:


In case you are selling fish flavoured pastries, you will not possibly face much competition. But if you are selling services and products demanded in real by real people, you will face different degrees related to competition, on the basis of demand.

Hence, this follows that the more of competing web pages you face, the longer time it will need to garner results from SEO. It is a fact that the closer one gets to page 1 of Search engine results, it becomes more difficult progressively and takes longer to outrank competing web pages.

Demand pushes companies towards a niche proceeding to rising competition. This competition provokes companies to provide more competitive offers, which implies that they must garner a larger market share to stay profitable. As a result, this scenario profits bigger companies with deep pockets. After all, they are able to afford hiring of best SEO specialists in the market.

Inbound Links

Links do have a big impact in SEO. However, their influence on how much time it takes is dependent on other serious factors.

First of factors is the volume of links featured on your website. Typically, more links imply greater SEO success in a faster mode. But this is no simple numbers game. In case of a glut of links from websites of low quality, it will slow your progress. On the contrary, you must focus on high quality links emerging from meaningful or good websites.

Ultimately, the speed with which you have earned links historically and the current speed of your links are vital too as generally, abrupt changes in speed of getting links indicates an unlawful  effort to manipulate the rankings.

In case you follow guidelines of Google, you can get access to links of high quality in a natural fashion. Only by using covert tactics will you see unusual patterns which can slow you down.


Content of your website has also a role in the fastness of results. The first factor implies that quality of content must be good. This does not mean that your content must be a 4000 word behemoth. The fact is there isn’t any ideal length.

There is also a myth which holds that new content must be published slowly because publishing too much new content will appear abnormal to Google. This could damage your ranking. This theory has been debunked by none another than Google.

In case you possess great content, there isn’t any factor as per SEO to refrain from publishing it. The faster you get your content out there, faster impact it could have on one’s ranking. Delaying too long will only hurt your SEO.

These are some aspects about how long you have to wait for SEO.

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